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Revisiting truck AC issue

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At the end of last summer, my truck AC began to take longer and longer to blow cool air.  I'd be 10 mins into a drive before it cooled.  

I topped out the unit with Freon, and things seemed fine; however, I only probably ran it for another couple of weeks before the weather cooled.  The problem has begun to recur this summer.  

One thing I've noticed is that it seems to struggle with higher ambient temps.  On the way to school, it blows somewhat cooly rather quickly.  In the afternoon (90's) it struggles to overcome the higher temps.  It'll be 15 mins before it blows cool enough to bring the cab temp down.  Even then, it's not super cold.

Anyway, just wondering if the specific issues noted are enough to possibly pinpoint what I'm dealing with.  As you can see, I know next to nothing about vehicle AC systems.  I'd, at least, like to sound like I know what I'm talking about if I need a mechanic.  Thanks in advance.


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Sounds like a leak for sure.  If ya' planning on keeping it, then I'd go get a "real" fix.  The other option is top off with freon until it leaks out again.  Question is how long will that take? 

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On 5/20/2023 at 8:59 PM, Jkwellborn said:
Make sure the the valves on the hoses seal up like they’re supposed to.

What vehicle were we talking about again?

This is a good first step.  Run the a/c and then pull the caps off of the high and low pressure values.  If there is moisture in the caps, you need to have the valves replaced.  

I installed a cut-off valve for the heater hose in my truck.  It takes longer to cool the cab if you have hot water running through the cab in the summer.*

*ETA - your truck is likely not 54 years old, so you might not want to start messing with the heater hose system.


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