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  1. I on the other hand thought that the juxtaposition of the telling of "how my father fucked me up by letting me down in my childhood" by both a man AND a woman was kind of a brilliant way to speak to the power of the role of dad in any boy or girl's life.
  2. Rupert getting rid of any family shares in Richmond would as others have posited be a move he would need to make in order to take an ownership stake in another club.
  3. Pressure yea. If he misses today everybody says, “well yea it was 66 yards”
  4. This is how I see that going down
  5. You watch that European team Q&A even in defeat and it's easy to see why they are never something that should be taken for granted even with the obvious talent mismatch that seems like will be in play for the next 2-3 of these.
  6. His match ended up being inconsequential...but you never know that for sure until you get there.
  7. DJ with the 5-0 clean sweep.
  8. I think Stricker's wife has feet as big as his.
  9. Man anti-climatic way to win it
  10. Man if Brooks had holed that to get the win
  11. And there it is. Nicely done all. Now roll up the points.
  12. Morikawa may have just ended this
  13. Beating aggy (Dan Campbell) again.
  14. So yea...Tucker is good and shit
  15. Cockroaches. They checked into the motel, didn't check out.
  16. Trying a 68 yard FG in an outdoor stadium that probably has some of the heaviest/humid air in the NFL is a special kind of stupid.
  17. Yea, what the fuck are we doing being this aggressive and creative.
  18. I don't owe this team shit, they played like shit/pussies in Fayetteville, they may have righted the ship...we'll see.
  19. SMU did us no favors. Fat Boy will have their attention and have them focused. Sark needs to scheme his ass off, because Fat Boy is eating donuts and drawing up a defense right now.
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