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  1. This can't possibly be a serious response
  2. Didn't these guys burn down their fraternity house so that their dads could buy them a new one?
  3. Yes, this is the same as Donald Trump's refusal to acknowledge his loss, his continued demonization of all who do not fall in line with his conspiracy theory, and the hijacking of the entire GOP by the "election is rigged crowd." You look like a poor man's Sack. Be better. Because you hate poor people.
  4. so weird that Sack revived this thread after Buffalo . . .
  5. California tried this. 9th circuit struck it down just this week.
  6. I was also really high so fuck all yall
  7. Went to a comedy show last night where the comedian suggested that maybe Feinstein could go on a hunger strike for abortion rights. Due to her dementia, she wouldn't even know she's on a hunger strike. Win win!
  8. Why aren't we just sitting back and letting the free market police itself?
  9. I work full time with the working poor and indigent, so I'm happy to shed some light. Roughly 20% of LA's homeless work in minimum wage jobs. Many work 40 hours a week. At the end of their shift, they go to a gym, take a shower, and hop in their car (if they're lucky) for a good night's sleep. Many families cram together into 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Back when I used to represent kids in court, it was common to learn that a kid's bed was the living room floor - along with 4-8 other kids in sleeping bags. Sometimes you'd see three families living in a one bedroom, one bathroom. The other option is to live out in San Bernardino or Lancaster and spend 2-3 hours a day commuting. Also, because they don't get paid a living wage, almost all of their existence is subsidized by tax dollars in the form of food stamps and other benefits. So yeah, its a little bit more than just not playing little league or having the newest iphone.
  10. I'll second this. And also Musso and Frank for classic LA experience.
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