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  1. I agree with this as well. Yeah, she shouldn't have to take that stuff into consideration, but reality demands otherwise.
  2. Please stop quoting that guy. Internet tough guy trying to get under everyone's skin. Neg and move on please.
  3. Someone needs to head to Brisket's and pull the hose out of his exhaust pipe.
  4. This thread is 70 pages of one side trying to make it only about the deaths, while the other side tries to redirect to the larger picture. Imagine a thread about the wildfires in the west where half the posters continued to downplay it because only dozens of died out of the 10s of millions that live in the region.
  5. Is it your position that America has been receptive to the complaints from people of color regarding police brutality?
  6. You are speaking to people incapable of hearing you. I wouldn't waste much more time with them.
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