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  1. This was also used as the theme song for an Australian comedy series on Amazon Prime called Laid.
  2. The trailer site was at Richard Moya park. I can't find the photos I took at the time, but here are some from the net. https://imgbox.com/wkJo9zyQ https://imgbox.com/ebwxxbJq
  3. No penalties for violations of Guv's order has been established. Do whatcha want.
  4. 53rd in July. It was the Summer of Love, after all. And Happy Anniversary to both of you couples.
  5. She knows who she is.
  6. Saw him in the early '70s at Gregory Gym. Opening act was the Youngbloods. I think a lot were there to see the Youngbloods, mostly college students. Smashing show. He had the whole place really rocking by the end of the set. Quite a contrast in bands. Glad I got to see him live.
  7. Just finished the last of eight seasons of Still Game, a multiple UK award winning sitcom set in Glasgow, Scotland. Needs closed captions to help with translating some of the brogue, but very funny thirty minute episodes.
  8. Drove up the beach from Beach Rd 1A to Sandcastle Drive on Wednesday PM. Not real crowded and only saw one group of more than six who were probably not family. Weekends might be bad for a while.
  9. For those interested and willing to risk: https://www.portasouthjetty.com/articles/coronavirus-restrictions-on-hotels-beach-visits-to-be-lifted-in-port-aransas/ Note: State order against tourist travel still in effect through Thursday.
  10. Long time ago. Ronnie, Ronnie, and Mac:
  11. I was 10 going on 11 when this happened. It was all over the news. Maybe my first introduction to how evil people can be.
  12. Benidorm is a hilarious, bawdy, English comedy I watch on BritBox. I just noticed it is on youtube.com. I don't know about premium youtube. Not advisable to watch with young uns in the room. Definitely NSFW or kiddies.
  13. Larry Campbell Doing better at last count.
  14. The Tree of Forgiveness Get well, John.
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