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  1. Abuela Gringa likes this. I like the crunchy of the same brand. Peanuts with a touch (<1%) of salt.
  2. And don't forget Sassy!
  3. Wife and I always loved Arturo's. Haven't been south for ages. Between Covid and the threat of cartel violence, it will probably be much longer.
  4. Enjoyed Agatha Raisin. No Offence is another good one. Joanna Scanlan is a very good comedic actress. Now watching "New Zealand's Midsommer Murders" The Brokenwood Mysteries.
  5. "Your mom is a special lady and you promised her a video call on her special day." I actually dislike all ATT's commercials showing cable internet preventing/delaying/corrupting transmissions. I have cable internet and it is many, many times faster than the only ATT product available to me (DSL) and many people. Most of us don't live in a gigabyte area (ATT or Google.) This commercial grates on me anyway in that a mother would be so petty and the son so stupid he wouldn't call and explain. I do, however, identify with the dad, making the best of the situation.
  6. He's already written his retirement song: Well, I love this life but it's doing me inJust in case I don't ever see you againI had a real good time
  7. On a trip to the coast and back, fewer Trump 2020 flags, but some new Trump Country flags have popped up. Pickup at the corner of SH 136 and FM 188 now has some Trump 2024 flags for sale.
  8. Anyone else have trouble streaming Apple TV plus on their Roku? Wife got a new IPhone and the resulting one year of free Apple TV Plus. I can run it on all my devices except the television through Roku. My Roku is listed as compatible and I have tried all the suggestions I found on the web. I have to play it on my computer with my Windows 10 connect to my Roku, which is a bit of a pain, as the computer is in another room, which gives control issues.
  9. Currently re-reading Conan Doyle's The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I first read it in late elementary or early jr. high school. I find it as easy a read and as interesting as then. I was prompted after watching Sherlock on Netflix, and recognized some of the names, but the stories seemed not the same, so I decided to return to the originals.
  10. Last month, I got an email from ATT saying because they were upgrading their wireless system and I had an old IPhone (5) that couldn't use the system, they would ship me a new IPhone for free. I tried the ATT text help line, but the hirelings there didn't know anything about it. Unfortunately I deleted the original email and cannot find it. The email indicated my old IPhone version and its number, which did lend credence to the contact. Last week, I got a notification that ATT has shipped me an IPhone SE 2020 64 GB. The USPS tracking number shows something is indeed on its way.
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