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  1. Donald Trump on Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.
  2. I listened to the whole 2 hours, and it was definitely worth it. I have heard much of the data he presents in much shorter formats, including TikTok videos that blast the same facts in your face in 20 seconds. The shorter formats are consumed and dismissed just as quickly. The person that can listen to the 2 hour mono-tone podcast (even while multi-tasking) is inherently more patient and open to evaluating their own opinion after hearing a logical argument. Take the time to listen with an open mind.
  3. So you understand why they threw rocks at them?
  4. Comrade Detective is incredibly awesome.
  5. Elvis

    Airsoft thread

    I'm shopping for an airsoft gun for my 10yo son. We also started with the single shot spring loaded guns. We bought a kit with a pistol and an AR. The pistol has already broken. There are a lot of guns available online. I think we are looking for an electric (AEG) SMG style gun for him and an AEG pistol for me. I think I want full metal body for the pistol, but that might be too heavy for the SMG. Budget is up to $200 for the SMG and maybe $100 for the pistol. Is there anywhere you can handle these guns like a gun store? Amazon has a no return policy. Academy has a 60 day return policy if it is in re-sale-able condition.
  6. Being on the placebo would piss me right off.
  7. https://breakingdefense.com/2020/03/covid-19-claims-aircraft-carrier-uss-roosevelt-as-latest-victim/ My nephew is on the Roosevelt. I am hearing some very scary information, but it's not confirmed, so I'll not share it.
  8. Great movie. I was really intrigued with his struggle to remember the songs and rewrite the music and lyrics from memory.
  9. Improved and increased testing are identifying cases more rapidly than a week ago.
  10. The Beatles catalog is so big it's hard to find an album that doesn't go super poppy or psychedelic for a few tracks. I'm trying to find a great record or playlist that I can listen all the way through without skipping. Songs like: Blackbird, Yesterday, Here Comes the Sun, Let it Be, etc. Wife isn't a huge fan of the Beatles, so trying to introduce some the best acoustic stuff. Heck, great covers would be acceptable too. Thanks. (for example I was just listening to Fool on the Hill - tuba and kazoo/recorder is too much).
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