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  1. Elvis


    More like a country version of this......
  2. Elvis


    So I'm in need of a good countryism. My son's are 10 and 6 and I coach and scout them, so I'm around a lot of kids. I've got most of them saying yes sir and yes coach, but my pet peeve is when I address them, and they instinctively look up and say "what?" without thinking. I've been telling them "listen here, I'll never ask you a question that the answer is: what." Sometimes I'll follow up with "unless I ask you to name a unit of power". (Watt). Help me make these knuckleheads feel stupid.
  3. "Pump yo brakes kid, that man a national treasure" (Referring to Crocodile Dundee) Spit out my coffee. fuck that was funny.
  4. Elvis


    My 93yo Grandma still says warsh instead of wash.
  5. This page is freaking me out....man. (woops, the last page was freaking me out.....man)
  6. Elvis


    My uncle would tell his Mexican ranch hands, "No lunchee my beans!"
  7. In the heat of battle my father wove a tapestry of obscenities that, as far as we know, is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.
  8. Elvis


    I just bought the ELAC Miracord 50 and a few albums to get started on the Vinyl hobby. So far I have been trying to choose albums that play through without any bogus annoying songs. So far I have Jimmy Buffet's Songs you know by Heart, The Best of the Eagles 2 disc, my buddy bought me Daft Punk Random Access Memories. So, a few years ago I decided to decorate part of my office with cool record covers. I had the covers and records framed and hung on the wall over my tv. Last night I pulled out the discs and rehung the frame. I have nice sleeves for the discs, but I don't know how to store them without the cardboard album covers. I looked but I can only find more sleeves. Any recommendation for how to store these loose discs?
  9. Texas Alpha Sig Ep here. Did not rape. And girls go to frat parties for the same reason frat guys go to parties......to have fun and maybe get laid (willingly). They also want to work on their MRS degree. I'm sure you GDIs can't imagine why hot rich girls are attracted to rich frat guys.
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