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  1. Barr needs to be #1. He's the most dangerous motherfucker on the list.
  2. It will probably still be really high would be my guess.
  3. If these guys are all in DC, who's minding their estates in their home state? Just asking questions...
  4. Not sure you'd get the result you're hoping for if you did this.
  5. Fishing the Lower Laguna Madre out of Arroyo City and we were staying at a little lodge called the Kingfisher Inn. It was one of those hot as hell late August days where it's 97 on the water, and not a breath of breeze, the water is so still it has an oily sheen, and the water and sky kind of blend together. It was our last fishing day, so we hit it hard and stayed on the water until 5:30 or so. When we got back to the lodge, the owner had filled a cooler with Tecate cans, and dumped a couple bags of ice and rock salt on top. That Tecate, dripping briny water, with little ice flecks in the beer was like drinking heaven itself.
  6. Does anyone here believe Chuck Schumer has the killer instinct to pull off any of this? Who's the biggest asshole D Senator? Put that person in charge ASAP.
  7. Well done! I went out yesterday and did the same, though about half your time and distance. I need to start stretching out longer rides. I wish we had as nice an interconnected network up here as you guys have down south.
  8. several in my neighborhood in Wilco. They seem to be sprouting a few more every day.
  9. A few Christmases ago, my wife's family came to our house for Christmas. We usually have a big Christmas Eve party with my family and close friends. Her uncle and his wife came in from Atlanta for the holiday and were staying at our house. Wife and MIL wanted to go to the high liturgy Christmas Eve service at church and wife strongly hinted that I should go. My FIL stayed at our house with the uncle and a few other family members, and when I came home they were pouring bourbon and cokes with my Angel's Envy. I just walked over to the bar, put the bottle away, and pulled out the handle of Jack Daniels I had bought for this exact fucking occasion. My FIL was like "oh, I guess he doesn't want us using the good stuff"
  10. Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul to waste And I was 'round when Jesus Christ Had his moment of doubt and pain Made damn sure that Pilate Washed his hands and sealed his fate
  11. Anything nicer than a spring suspension Ozone from Academy is probably better than my capabilities as a rider, but I’m a sucker for nice kit. Balancing a mountain bike and a fly fishing addiction is tough.
  12. Lower Downtown Denver checks off a lot of those boxes above around walkability and urban living, and Colorado public lands put Texas to shame. They also have a major international airport and they got that legal icky. If it was closer to salt water it would be perfect.
  13. Is that the guy with the roofing business in Houston?
  14. If you're on FB try a group called Mountain Bike Swap Meet. There have been a lot of bikes listed on there the past 2 weeks or so. I guess it's some combination of the fires out west, impending winter, or people buying bikes on lockdown and either needing the cash, or realizing they didn't like mountain biking. Seems like most of what I've seen posted has been mid to high end full suspension bikes. Yeti, Scott, Specialized, Giant, etc.
  15. Good looking boat. I like that color scheme.
  16. yea, very happy to see the support for Gleason all over my part of the county.
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