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  1. I just took my FJ to Rising Sun on South Lamar this morning to get the front brakes done and fix a power steering leak. I'll have a trip report some time tomorrow. There's also a place on 183 called Land Cruiser specialist https://www.lcspec.com/ that is supposed to be legit but they didn't answer their phone yesterday so I'm at rising sun instead of there.
  2. split the thread shit to another thread, this thread is for the chauvin trial
  3. Got the murder hornet out today for the first time this year. Was worried it wouldn’t start and/or have leaks or problems due to the freeze but it fired right up and ran like a champ. power steering on the FJ went out on the way to the lake. Made putting the boat in the water a huge pain in the ass, on top of not being completely out of practice backing it up.
  4. Right before a December board meeting my coworker Ross and I are discussing plans and as I hadn't taken any time off that year I let him know after this meeting I'm taking off the rest of the year. Our CEO comes in and joins the conversation and tells me I've taken too much time already and need to work. He had taken about two months off that year, and my fellow C level who I was talking to had taken 6 weeks off. Ross gets on his phone and types for a bit. CEO's phone goes off, he looks at it, looks up at us, turns to Ross and says, "I think you meant to send this text to Bob" Ross w
  5. Wife always has amazing timing. Usually it’s about 20 minutes left in a movie. Tonight it was 2 outs left in the 9th. Who’s playing? Is that Texas? Is that Texas a&m? Texas is playing Texas a&m? Who is winning? How much time left? Will Texas win? Do you know Kurt is an aggy fan? Do you think he is watching?
  6. Falconhead has a junior program that is $70 and gets you a group lesson a week. They just had some staff turnover and won't be doing it in April but will start back in June. My 12 year old boy loves it and looks forward to it every week.
  7. Boat I was on was stationed in Virginia and was getting decommissioned at Mare Island near San Francisco so we got to go through the canal. We had a cookout topside. Jungle on either side of the canal in places is so thick you can only see a few feet in. Only thing that sucked was we were on maneuvering watch the whole time so I was on my watch station for all but an hour over a 20 hour period and got to go topside for maybe 15 minutes.
  8. Current carriers don't fit in the Panama Canal but do fit in the Suez Subs do fit and get to go to the front of the line and get escorted by several boats full of seals.
  9. that's not going to work the cable modem ethernet out just has one out, it's not a router that can handle multiple things hooked to it. You could plug in your router strait to the modem, then have one of the outs of it go to the cat5 wall. Then he should be able to plug his router into the wall and change the settings on it so it's looking for dhcp instead of a modem.
  10. I got mine through CVS, they've had more local to Austin than HEB. With it opening to everyone today I'd expect it to be super busy for a few days and then taper off over the next week or two.
  11. Got second moderna on Friday. Arm is still so sore I can't sleep on that side. Was mildly sick to stomach all day yesterday and still am today. Don't know if it's the shot or I did something but my torn disk in my back is also flaring up and is panful as hell right now.
  12. where did this It's costing Egypt $400 million an hour come from? GNP of egypt is a 1.1 trillion, $400 million an hour = $3.5 trillion 5.61 billion/ (365*24) = 640,000 / hour On average 2 ships an hour pass through, are they carrying $200 million in product each?
  13. My dad got remarried after my mom died and I went skiing with him and his wife, along with her sons and their kids. I'm on a lift with one of my step brother's kids and another kid is in the lift chair behind us, going crazy banging his poles against the different pats of the chair. I turn around and ask him if he's taken his ritalin. We get off the lift and go to the left, and he goes to the right. The other kids and I ski for a couple of hours and head back to the condo. As I walk through the door step brother says he needs to talk to me. We go into a bedroom and close the door and
  14. Yes. those are the only tortillas I get. Last forever in the fridge and taste great.
  15. Got the second shot today at CVS. Stopped at whataburger for a patty melt on the way there. Easily best part of trip. Got in line, dude ahead of me didn't have an appointment but got a shot a month ago and argued with the girl signing people in for about 10 minutes. She told him to go to the back of the store about 10 times. Somehow despite having an email verifying my appointment, as well as getting a text to check in I somehow was not on the list and got sent to the back of the store and end up behind Argue McArgualot again. 10 strait minutes of "I called this morning and a guy told me
  16. They've always played that. Call of Duty, fall guys and the star wars games (battlefront/squadrons/jedi fallen order) have gotten the most usage on the playstation
  17. my boys have completely abandoned it. No longer cool with their friend group
  18. The Last Blockbuster is great, highly recommend
  19. Which do you like better Oz or the US? Are you moving back or staying there?
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