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  1. When is that from? No way it's still just 4 after this.
  2. I would think UGA by a TD at least. Maybe depending on how this 2nd half goes.
  3. There's a marked lack of stripper monkey energy for them on both sides of the ball.
  4. He may be - but their OL is getting fucking blasted right now and they're now down their best WR.
  5. He doesn't have half the heart that Calzone does.
  6. Ton of time left- but if Bama loses this - aggy will have both beaten Bama and had them drop a 2nd game and will still have been unable to get to the SECCG. In a year where LSU and Auburn are both down. I mean - they could obviously fuck around and lose to LSU later but it would be funny either way.
  7. And this is clear targeting. Just a dumb play.
  8. Aren't they a little green this year though?
  9. This just isn't a great Bama team in general. I have no idea why people think they are going to waltz into Atlanta and handle Georgia without issue.
  10. I guess. PI never seems to be called that consistently. But saying "this will be a PI on Auburn" and "we would have both thrown that flag" isn't very professional. I mean I actually assumed there was a flag on the play from the way they called it.
  11. Announcers calling penalties on Auburn. That Bama dick pretty far up their asses.
  12. UNT is not good. Not a good look for the RRs.
  13. I think an Aubrun WR dropped another ball just now on that Bama drive.
  14. Dude's gonna get ratioed hard for that and already is. What a tool.
  15. Just as we all predicted, Ohio State and Clemson will miss the playoffs This is the most points Michigan has scored against Ohio State (42) since 1946. This is Michigan's most lop-sided win over Ohio State since 1993. This is Ohio State's first 2+ loss regular season since 2017. This loss snaps Ohio State's 26 game Big Ten regular season winning streak. For the first time since 2016, Ohio State will not play in the Big Ten Championship Game. This was Michigan's first win over Ohio State since 2011. And their second since 2004. Hassan Haskins' 5 rushing TD are the most by a Michigan player since 1968 (Ron Johnson) Hassan Haskins' 18 rushing TD this year are the most by a Michigan player since 2003 (Chris Perry) For the first time in history, Michigan will play in the Big 10 Championship Game This was Ryan Day's first regular season Big Ten loss. It's been 728 days since Ohio State beat Michigan
  16. Guys that played for the team 40 years ago getting laid.
  17. "This is a pretty special moment" Yeah Jenny, for a lot of fucking reasons.
  18. Snow is coming down now. Football Gods want Michigan to have this one.
  19. Energy there is fucking nuts. So much pent up heartbreak and frustration.
  20. They can just run clock and kick a FG. But I bet they punch another one in.
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