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  1. sorry to see this. there is no solution that will work any longer. it is what it is.
  2. absolutely. one step further - football. fuck it. i don't want it that bad. we move to SEC and want to become what....bama? LSU or the paperclips? some one trick pony in a college town. that is a dangerous culture that I don't want to further empower on our campus. its perverse and leads to shit like Baylor. Not to mention its a dying game and won't be anywhere near the same in 10 years time. and now we will die with the hillbillies instead of being ahead of the curve because money and boomer olds. dammit
  3. Lets get us a good ole fashioned Anwar Sadat'ing please
  4. at president Ukraine is starting a Jew. Russia doesn't have president. Advantage - Aggy
  5. lets see what bill told us about this some time ago
  6. something something, cancel culture, ban something don't ban me bro something something. don't take my guns something something cars kill people. i think we got it all man.
  7. belgorod getting its oblast on is nice to see
  8. does it count your steps?
  9. i try to imagine hating a motherfucker more than putin and voila cactus says the magic word lavrov. motherfuck him
  10. top tier? I thought we have already demonstrated that just about every type is your type
  11. goddammit Sec General Gutterres, if that is your real name, shocked? you are doing it wrong man. you inspire me with whatever the opposite of confidence is. go back to your table and do some more sing alongs
  12. airdrop a few million copies of this in russia. or for that matter everywhere works too
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