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  1. oh this the page where we get to learn which obscure counties in buttfuck ohio will decide the fate of the entire world.
  2. lol. a game of hot potato between actors in the same party who are shitting on the same pages of the book. and the fools will still find a way to wipe their asses with it
  3. I'm on page 5 or 6 of this thread. I have never been confirmed to have it as I couldn't get tested in March. Still can't get antibodies tests eithere where I live. I do still think I had it as the symptoms were all unique for both me and my wife and were pretty unpleasant. Took round about 2 months before I got from 90% breathing to 100%. i ended up with an infection in my lungs though (minor) and took anitbiotics. That was my day 13 spike and it was the worse. Saying that it was so much up and down and different symptoms almost every day for 2 weeks. One say a headache and can't get off the couch. Next day I have energy but can't stop shitting all day long. Next day breathing was very difficult. Next it felt like my head was in vice grips. Very strange experience. For me the closest thing that I could relate it to was altitude sickness, which is something I am sensitive too. Good luck man. Was just making the comment to you to ensure you maintain a level head and even if you feel good one day that can change.
  4. happy to hear you are on the up and up. but yes mind the ups and downs. i had many up and down cycles and it was worse at the end of the second week. good luck.
  5. if you could even get the kids out the house for 2 days a week it would be a victory. Just two fucking days. Every parent would take it.
  6. you need a wartime-like effort IMO. been calling for one down here where I live now for months now. But of course I am an armchair internet general ce'st la vie Its been obv for months kids getting back to school would be the number one way to get the economy up and running, while also being obv for months its a disaster waiting to happen in its current state. I think you start an entirely new education wing and do some kind of repositioning of the workforce. Get service folks from here to there, look at class size coming down, look at outdoor spaces, look at curriculum etc. There are shitloads of the problems but there is always a solution. Instead everyone is hoping for the best and just sitting here with our dicks in our hands reading the news - 80+ new cases from one open school. Well no fucking shit. Western countries are failing because our leaders are not leaders. They have no vision and no balls. No CR either. I am talking about all of em from top to bottom (acknowledging that locally they are stronger than state/nationally) Down here we just had a huge outbreak at a private school. Hi - its March telling you this was obviously what was going to happen. Lets just hope for the fucking best. Thats leadership at its finest. *end rant transmission*
  7. college football? lol. college football in 2021 would be a victory advantage aggy
  8. great town. investigated it actually. only real drawback I found was the wind. like lots of wind. place is eternal spring and beautiful but man if you has allergies no bueno. panama city is awesome. but yes its humid AF.
  9. I see lots of the Death Spiral and some angry CNN/MSM things. I guess the point is that this side of the death spiral isn't often noted enough here? If so, I totally agree with you.
  10. The Netherlands Military? buncha duders wearing orange utility worker jackets smoking dope and drinking genever. shit sign me i have already left but if I had to again I would do Uruguay. places already said here but to add more: - Uruguay - Almost went there a decade ago in 2010 when I first thought of leaving the US. Top notch place, beautiful country, not many people, etc. Limited economic opps though. Only progressive country in SA I believe. Legal pot, no state religion - Eastern Euro - Poland, CR, Hungary, etc. Prob stop short of the baltics or Ukraines cuz Russia. Cold AF though - Australia - great place. Kind of a mini America from the 1990s. better concept of public good. lots of economic opps but again depends on your gig. will hopefully not follow the path that America is on. - British Columbia - great culture. cold but whatever. - Montreal - same, but really fucking cold
  11. even if it does - without cheating, BS wars, or nukes happening first - then they will retreat back to their little old hell holes and come back even more batshit crazy in 2024. frankly speaking, i'd take it. i could use the time off
  12. Well, if you play the tape backwards you see us help King up and send him on his way
  13. my two cents is what it always is. If we found a way to talk about these values that didn't use old terms we would get so much farther. once we use capitalism, marxism, or socialism we just immediately pollute the conversation and eliminate any logical exchange or ideas and/or sharing of experience. but we all know this. does BLM actively use "Marxism" in their language or just some element of some of the values? Or are people just labeling it that from the outside? I mean its a bottoms up movement so likely full of all kinds of beliefs. If anyone (who is opposed to BLM) would just find the heart in the movement (versus an easy out) I think we would be in a better situation. Also, what @JBJ and @BigHorn'13 said
  14. He is a politician at heart. He is taking the opp to get up a notch by shitting on old friends. Its the usual shit honestly. He is just a turd in a uniform.
  15. American anxiety. And with a Tshirt on too. how cute thats sad that someone is walking around with that level of anger just simmering inside of them
  16. yeah good point on the later so the Federal government is doing what it can to force various public and private orgs to be open. i think this is only the beginning of this kind of "policy". fascinating twist here. but whatever. its no longer the real world anyway. happy simulations ya'll
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