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  1. I'm enjoying the first several episodes of "Tacoma FD" A fire station based comedy series by two of the members of Broken Lizard (Supertroopers guys).
  2. So what's in the case from Wakanda? Just a captain america themed black panther suit? Or that weird flower that gives super strength that black panther used?
  3. I've had a Toyota and a Honda. As long as Toyota uses those stupid ass cartridge oil filters that can't be changed without a huge mess they are dead to me. Whoever designed that can burn. I've had multiple GM vehicles and several Fords. They seem interchangeable. Neither of them are great. Adidas and Nike are both too expensive and I'm not a child nor a professional athlete, so F them both. I can't remember the last time I've had Mcdonalds or Burger King. I have easy access to Whataburger. All airlines are flying busses full of idiots. Who cares. Your list is stup
  4. I've had it glitch several times on various platforms too. For a while I couldn't get anything to play on it through XBox Series X, then it would play but not remember where you were if you stopped halfway through, then it started going fine. UI is pretty bad. But yesterday I realized all of Reno 911 is on there so I watched like 5 episodes and forgot all about how bad the app is.
  5. You're piggybacking a murder for memes. It's the only reason you even started the thread.
  6. Gamepass is Microsoft gaming subscription. You pay a monthly fee (or get multi month packages via codes you can buy on sale) and you get access to a library of games you can install and play as much as you want. There is a Gamepass Ultimate level that grants you access to games on both PC and XBox consoles and also includes games from EA Play. All first party Microsoft games will be on it at release, which now includes Bethesda games. Games will come and go and sometimes roll off the service. It tells you the exact dates a game will disappear and you can permanently purchas
  7. But every conceal carry idiot I've ever talked to has told me that once everyone was armed there would be no more crime.
  8. I don't know the comics, what was the significance of the mask Zeemo put on that he kept a secret?
  9. My Dad recently traded in a 17 FX4 F150 for a new 250. They gave him 34k for the 17. It's now on their used lot listed at 37999. Used prices are bonkers
  10. If only there was something like a line painted on the ground that everyone could see....
  11. New year, same results. Another Hamilton win.
  12. Well, the usual suspects at the front. Looks like we will have a Red Bull/Merc battle with a second McLaren/Ferrari battle just behind them.
  13. And just like that VER and HAM go half a second clear of the field.
  14. And I like Perez, but I want to see Gasly beat a Red Bull as much as possible just because Horner is a dick.
  15. I did not expect to see Stroll, Alonso, and Gasly all make Q3 while Perez misses the cut. Wow. Also Ferrari may not suck after all.
  16. Also Ocon misses the cut while Alonso was top 10 in Q1. Will be interesting to see just how badly Ocon gets exposed as things progress.
  17. I'm only able to follow a timing screen on YouTube, but why was Sainz so far down in q1? Interesting top 5
  18. I'm in Plano but too far for that. Hope they eventually come to the East side as well.
  19. I would pay 30 for BW if I would normally be taking the whole family to the theater. Once you have multiple tickets involved the 30 at home is much more appealing. My kids aren't old enough for that stuff yet. So I'll wait until it's on normal Disney+
  20. I would think that would have a very small chance of success. First, video game movies have an extremely low success rate. They're nearly all horrible. Secondly, the story has never been a particularly strong part of the Zelda games. They're fantastic worlds and the puzzle solving loop of go to dungeon, find item in dungeon, item is used to kill dungeon boss, item then allows access to more areas of the world is the main draw of the games. The lore of Zelda games is pretty bad. Now, get a solid cast of comedians together, give them a good budget for costumes and CGI, and le
  21. Yeah there are no concussions in the MCU. Stark and Rhodes both have had iron suit crashes that would have killed any human, and they've done that multiple times.
  22. The Ranger is great. And it's not that smaller than an early 90s F150. Trucks have grown so freaking much. The new Tremor package for the Ranger looks pretty nice.
  23. SquareEnix has a big sale. I got Avengers at half price, and it looks and runs amazing on the Series X.
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