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EURO 2020

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1 hour ago, Firemans4Horn said:

France, Portugal and Germany in the same pod. What kind of fucking idiotic system are they using this draw these groups?

Those games are in Budapest-- where I will be for the first week of the tourney.  I have tickets to one of the games but will have to check with my brother and see which one.

After Budapest, we're hitting Croatia, and then Greece.  Gonna be an epic trip.

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17 hours ago, maninblack said:


Probably, but if Iceland makes it out of that path, they are no slouch, clearly the 4th team of that group, but would give any of those teams fits.

Both them and Bosnia & Herzegovina are outliers in the playoff path, in the rankings they are in the middle of teams already in the final tournament. Most of the teams in the playoff are either near the tail end or outside of those teams.


Here are the playoff paths:

Path A
Iceland v Romania
Bulgaria v Hungary

Path B
Bosnia & Herzegovina v Norther Ireland
Slovakia v Republic of Ireland

Path C
Scotland v Israel
Norway v Serbia

Path D
Georgia v Belarus
Northern Macedonia v Kosovo


Playoffs are a single elimination mini-bracket, semifinals and finals (1 leg each).
For these listings:
Semifinals: the host country is listed first
Finals: the host country will come from the semifinal listed first

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I've got tickets for a Group D match in Glasgow - Croatia vs. the playoff winner (Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Israel) and tickets for a Round of 16 match in Blibao featuring the Group B winner - really hoping it's the Red Devils. 

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