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Justin Townes Earle dead at 38

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1 hour ago, baboso said:

hulla got so pissed that he went and helped the opening act, Cory Branan, sell merch.  I sat there and endured the show/rants/odd declarations of how much JTE loved his wife and would not do anything to jeopardize that love.  

Cory Branan is the shit.  "The No-Hit Wonder" is a damn fine album.

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On 8/26/2020 at 10:01 AM, Al_4_ISU said:

Cory Branan is the shit.  "The No-Hit Wonder" is a damn fine album.

Cory is a great dude.  I was at a tiny show one night when Richard Goodsell brought Cory a new amp to try out.  He put his acoustics away, pulled out a hopped up Strat and fucked around with the amp all night.  Really cool show.   LOVE No-Hit Wonder.   Survivor Blues from Mutt is one of the best written songs I've ever heard.  So many lyrical bits of genius throughout that song.  

I go back and forth on which version I like better.   This is the 'Thin Lizzy' version. 



<quote>She struggled to read his knuckle tattoos
Beneath the ring and the scar
But the left said love and the right read true
She said please say you got a car
It's parked out back
It's pointed out of state
It's a recent acquisition we should probably ditch the plates</quote>
Yellow duffel in the seat back yonder
Bunch of pretty junk I bought her
It's yours if you want
either to you or the flame
But to me it's the same</quote>
She said no thanks man my baggage is packed
This name on my ankle with this knife in my back
I know a place on the way out of town
It's as good as burned down
It's as good as burned down</quote>
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