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  1. Please report back when the 40 Acres accepts this as your outline for your master's thesis in their new school of Intellectualism. I'll protest with dildos if they don't let you in
  2. That's similar to the bicycling cruise/tour I did 2 years ago which was incredible. You're gonna love it!! And the women there...
  3. I did this via boat while island hopping and it was incredible. are you doing that or is there an interesting mainland itin? regardless I'm sure you'll be amazed! e-bike is the way to go. I started every day on the lowest click to offset the extra weight from the battery and by the end of the day I was on full auto gliding into glory in my mind
  4. Flew there via Singapore Airlines and the service was stellar but the business class seat wasn't great. The footwell is a little narrow if you don't get bulkhead and the seat has to be manually flipped to become the bed so it doesn't have the in-between modes. Added a free stopover in Singapore for a few days. Came back via AA and the business class seat was awesome and service was adequate. The waitomo glow worm cave was really cool. Wellington is nice town and it's a beautiful ride across the Marlboro Sounds to Picton. There was talk of an AA flight from DFW to Christchurch. I'll look for it if I can get back there and explore the south island.
  5. <csb>met him briefly at lucky lounge back in the day and shook his hand. next time I took a piss I washed up like I was going to do surgery. my mind is turning into his b/c I can't remember the name of the event to lend some credibility to this</csb> read his book when it came out a little later: https://www.amazon.com/Ron-Jeremy-Hardest-Working-Showbiz/dp/0060840838 and you may be surprised he isn't the greatest writer. early 2000s were peak Ron ETA: and don't tell the fuddy dutties that you can check out his book from the austin public library: https://austin.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S67C847852
  6. Clear at the center security checkpoint is still on the opposite side of the Pre lane. Silly but minor. The Global Entry facial recog is pretty nice and is super fast. If we're going to be tracked we might as well get some benefits. If only there was a way to stay inside security if you only have carry on bags. DFW had this briefly.
  7. Great pics from y'all. Came here to say I was pleasantly surprised that there are non-stop flights from Austin to Liberia on AA Sun/Tue/Thu and I grabbed one last minute to escape the freeze. LIR airport was squeaky clean, only has 7 gates but still has a lounge and was super fast. Not a fan of the driving but oh well. Beautiful country. Pura Vida
  8. Went to Greece a few years ago in May before the summer crowds. Santorini was on the cool side and it did rain some but it was great to wander around and not deal with crowds. Do an e-bike tour of the island (https://www.santoriniadventures.gr/) . The views are amazing but I don't know if I'll go back but I'll stay here again: https://www.anandainfinity.com/ with a group Naxos was wonderful as someone else mentioned. I'd go back there but am more interested in checking out other islands. There are so many! I only took 1 ferry ride and it was just ok. I've never seen more graffiti in my life than in Athens but I don't mind cities so I enjoyed it more than my travel partner. Stayed in this tiny place but the layout, location, lighting, hottub, and view were all great. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/22623197 Hope to get more recs from this thread for the next trip
  9. No CR but now I understand why all those migrant workers died. Implementing TAMU-Q's engineering theses
  10. Not happy about Margaritaville opening in San Pedro. And Exotic Caye beach resort and Crazy Canucks are gone with a Marriott coming. Watched the VY national championship there. Looks like Caye Caulker is in my future.
  11. Checked out the Stay Put brewery on Rainey - https://www.stayputbrewery.com/ Their kolsch was easy drinking (5 hours worth) and I appreciated that they did happy hour on Saturday from 2-6p. $5 pints or $8 pint with a shot of one of liquors in the pic (tried them all). Similar to Nickel City where some of the staff previously worked. Not bad for downtown on a weekend. Glad they're local. Tito's girl from RGV was handing out shots and told me how all the women down there hate her b/c she's not fat.
  12. I feel your pain. I happened to be in London (humblebrag) for TXOU a few years ago and thought that the 11a kick would finally be great so I could watch it at a pub at 5p. But of course that was the year the kickoff was 2:30p. FML but I met with up with the Exes and had a great time at a pub at a train station so it was super easy for everyone to get to.
  13. Listened to the aggy post game radio show out of boredom. They replayed every aggy highlight of the game and never got into analysis of what went wrong. You would have thought aggy won the game. Stay stupid aggy
  14. I hate this about Chase. The only card that never denies transactions is my Diner's Club card. They probably still have people processing carbon copies and don't know what an algorithm is. I need to get rid of it but member berries.
  15. My first Benchmark experience was at Cheba Hut just north of campus about a month ago. Their happy hour starts at 4:20 (lol) and offered 1/2 price beers and $1 Benchmark shots. Obviously not the single barrel but it was good enough to sip (but don't spend too much time savoring it). Introduced some kids to the idea that you don't have to shoot trash when drinking hard liquor. I'll try the single barrel. I'm glad this thread isn't all about high dollar stuff (which is great of course but not always necessary).
  16. Did the Waitomo glowworm caves right before covid hit and it was worth it. There was some sort of hot spring not far from there too. If you do make it to Wellington taking the ferry over to Picton across the Marlboro Sounds for a few days is relaxing. Stayed in a house at the marina with boats right outside the front door and you could walk to a smattering of bars and restaurants. There's a nice hike there too which gives you a great view of the town and water below. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/31389111 I flew into Wellington and rented a car one-way for almost nothing since it was a company that helps rental car fleets relocate and I took from there to Auckland instead of the other way around. I had to come back early b/c of covid and need to get the south island trip scheduled. Driving was pleasant enough but I'd like to take a train so I can booze.
  17. We are the University of Texas. We should be the best at anything we choose to do. If that means having the biggest drum in the world then so be it. Aggy would claim it without it being true or would embarrass our great State along the way. Don't confuse us with them.
  18. The same kind of idiot that leases a Honda. At least their dealer educated them about negative equity: https://www.dmautoleasing.com/negative-equity/ But nothing will erase the negative social equity of being aggy
  19. Spring Break 1993 Charlie's big extravaganza that was mostly in a parking lot though we didn't realize it at the time. Louie's wood decks. The Radisson was fancy. MTV Beauty and the Beach. Slept in the closet of a room since it was the darkest place. Bungy jumping in a parking lot. Cruised down to Matamoros to a bar where you smashed your beer bottles on the ground. Guy walking around with car battery and we made a ring and saw who was the first to let go and paid for the privilege Bought some cheap smokes that made me hack up a lung the next day and I smoked Marlboro Reds but I earned enough "miles" for a fancy lighter and branded jacket. I wish I could go back.
  20. Paging RD. We finally need you. Help me OB1. You're my only hope
  21. Just to provide some contrast I booked a last minute (literally the day before) trip to Nashville on AA a few weeks ago. Even with the lowest status, Gold, I was upgraded both ways (thank you Expert Flyer for showing me I had a chance). Flight left Austin at 7a on a Wed. TSA-pre line took 5 min to get through security. Flight took off on time and they served me a screwdriver before we took off. No one talked after takeoff and all the window shades were down near me. Return was Saturday at 11:30a. Landed early and had no problem getting a gate. Had 4 doubles on the 2 hour flight counting the one before takeoff. Both flights were on an E170 RJ and I was able get the single seat side of the aisle in first. Perfect when you're solo. Of course I've had AA screw me but sometimes thing go smoothly and flying is quite pleasant. Cheers. I really wish AUS had a non airline affiliated club since I'll fly whoever goes direct.
  22. I did a 7 day e-bike island hopping tour with Sail Croatia which was incredible last summer. Only 14 pax. Stop off at a different island everyday bike across it in the morning and then have the rest of the day to check out the place and the island towns are quiet at night after the ferry stops operating. This was the specific one. Stopped off in Milna/Bol/Hvar/Korchula/Mljet/Makarska. Combine this with time on the coast.
  23. Freakonomics podcast about university admissions Freakonomics talks about top colleges facing increased demand and sidetracks into colleges opening campuses abroad at around the 20 min mark. "And several elite schools have opened campuses in Qatar, including Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon and Morty Schapiro’s own Northwestern." Notice who wasn't mentioned in the convo about elite schools opening in Qatar
  24. I enjoyed reading her books growing up as well. RIP Mrs. Cleary
  25. One alternative to Kindle is Kobo. Great battery life, no ads, and overdrive integration which makes checking out most (except stupid Hoopla) books from the library easy. You can sideload (bye bye DRM) books with Calibre (e-book management software for your computer). As with all e-ink readers it works great in bright sun and also has adjustable color temp so you don't get blue light at night. I like reading paper books but my waterproof Kobo Aura One is so convenient. I never want to read at length on an LCD screen #Olds
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