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2022 Surly Roto League


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Damn tied for 2nd.  

I had a nice run of staying in 1st for the first half of the year, but then Judge/Trout combo was too much to overcome offensively, especially when my OF was straight garbage all season.  

Fun season.  Congrats Henry Hill

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splitting the 2nd/3rd pot ($200) is the only thing that could possibly make sense.

can someone just tell me who to venmo (and please tag me, i'm not on gambling board very much).

good season.  we'll be back to get our revenge, in this life or the next.

On 10/6/2022 at 8:31 AM, shadow_operative2.0 said:

3rd should never be paid in a 10-team league, those two should split 2nd. 

in a league format that has a regular season champ + playoffs, i agree.  but in this case, top 3 should get paid.

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1 hour ago, txhorns said:

Should have checked your messages earlier this week, could have drank more beer.

I never check those cause I use tapa 99% of the time and didn't get any notification that you sent one, so I probably would have never seen it lol 

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