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Just for shits n giggles…..I picked up 3 Gretsch die cast hoops….12/14/16. Just for the batter side of those toms. Renown RN2s come with “302” hoops which are 3mm double flanged….more open sound. Curious how they’ll react with die cast.

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I like these die cast very much. I was cautioned that these could “choke” the drum off too much, but that is not what happened at all. I would say it shifted the overtone frequency down slightly and a tighter range, but it still sings out plenty long. I like the appearance of them too.

One other bizarre thing I noticed was the 302 hoops that came with my kit, ya they’re not round! The die cast really made that obvious. They still tuned and sounded great with the 302s…but my OCD says all the 302 hoops are eventually coming off. The die cast are very symmetrical along the bearing edge.




 Die cast





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