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  1. Saw this on Twitter the other day. I don't know the back story, but you should watch it.
  2. In-car video here: https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a30653065/ott-tanak-crash-2020-rally-monte-carlo ~~~~~ So tomorrow (and Sunday) is the big day! Looking forward to some racecars again. Channel info: http://www.tvracer.com Spotter's Guide: http://www.spotterguides.com/portfolio/20_imsa/
  3. May need to click for full effect.
  4. Anyone else expecting to hear "Outsider" by The Ramones at some point? King really digs them, but I don't really see their music fitting in with this show, so I have been going back and forth about whether I think it'll actually happen.
  5. I think we had the idea (perhaps at the old place?) of many different people all trying their hands at MS Paint, etc., to illustrate everything.
  6. If we had an "Instant Karma" thread, I'd put this there, but alas... ~~~~~ Indian man dies after getting attacked by his rooster on their way to a cockfight New Delhi (CNN)An Indian man has died after a tussle with his rooster -- on their way to a cockfight. Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao, 50, was hit in the neck with a blade tied to the rooster's claw on January 15. A police spokesman told CNN the father of three was taken to hospital, where he later died from a stroke. Rao, who lived in Pragadavaram village in southern India's Andhra Pradesh state, was a regular at local cockfights, and was on his way to enter the rooster in a competition when it tried to break free, station house officer Kranti Kumar said. Cockfighting has been illegal in India since 1960. However, animal fighting continues to be a problem in the country, according to Gauri Maulekhi, trustee for India's People for Animals foundation. "The offenses have been made very clear and explained to the district and state authorities, but they choose to turn a blind eye towards it. It is not just for entertainment that these animals are made to fight, but it is (also) due to the heavy betting and gambling that goes on in the garb of these events," Maulekhi said. Kumar said the local cockfight went ahead without any arrests. A 2014 Supreme Court judgment clarified the illegality of animal fighting under India's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. In 2015, Maulekhi used that judgment to intervene in a state court petition to lift the ban on cockfighting -- and the ban was upheld. "I don't think culture has anything to do with it -- it is purely a money game and hysteria takes over, reason and logic just take a back seat such that neither the animal's welfare nor the people's welfare is enough to stop it," Maulekhi said. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/22/india/rooster-cockfight-death-intl-hnk-scli/index.html
  7. Audience Network read your mind like a box score from 1985. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Mercedes_(TV_series) We watched the first season, and I really enjoyed it, but while my wife was engrossed enough to finish the season, she found it too bleak to continue when S2 came around so I can't say how good the rest of it is.
  8. I just saw Lewis Black on Seth Meyers, and he mentioned how his father lived to be 101, and how his mother just turned 101. I'm feeling about as unconfident about that pick paying out as I am feeling confident about Antonio Brown. Seems like Delonte West might have been a good sleeper pick.
  9. Let me guess - the levee contractor was related to a levee board member?
  10. You going to ask that same question every 30 seconds? Why is it so important to you?
  11. This guy (and his crew spread all around the track) is always a favorite distraction of mine whenever I attend a race. There's also a rival gang of dudes who vigorously point either directly at their driver every time he goes by, or to indicate the direction in which their driver should continue driving (hint: it's always Crowd Right.)
  12. Have you seen the TV commercial for the Chicago Auto Show yet? There's some schmuck and his wife all dolled up in black tie, but the wife looks like she's being held hostage, or secretly electrocuted or something. It's really disturbing, funny, and captivating. My wife is tired of me rewinding it a few times each time it airs. Look for it.
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