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  1. Funny - I just had a nest of Saabs move in across the street. Haven't met them yet, but Saab people are always funny weirdos, so I'm looking forward to discovering their oddities.
  2. Found my old quiver today. I'll sell it for $10,000.
  3. Give a man a hammer........give a dimwit an MRAP, etc., etc.
  4. I'm pretty that van is where he goes when he wants to whack off undisturbed. Or for the occasions when he wants to drive to a different location and then whack off.
  5. Nobody with a hat room like this could be a douchebag.
  6. Asked with a tone as though this was definitely a binary choice, "Dad, is your butthole stupid, or rotten?"
  7. It appears to have worked for the 4-6 weeks that I've had it up. Not very many people regularly walk their dogs through our alley, and if the culprit was the most common dog walker (I don't have any other specific reason to suspect him beyond that) I wouldn't be surprised if my sign might have stopped him from leaving bags in anyone's can - he's a nice, pleasant, non-antagonistic guy, and it wouldn't surprise me if he simply didn't realize how or why the practice might annoy someone.
  8. They were sold in packages of two - here's the spare.
  9. No, I wanted to tell shitbag shit bag leavers that they were going to eat it at gunpoint.
  10. And sometimes dog poop bags don't get emptied by the collection process, which means that they stick to the bottom of the can to keep progressively stinking until the innocent owner has to make the effort to dislodge it with a stick or a hose or something. I got so fed up with it that I bought a giant sticker from Amazon telling people not to dump their dog's shit in my can. I wanted to make a more threatening one myself (i.e., "if I discover who is putting dog shit in my can, I will then force you to eat it at gunpoint, so fuck off" or similar), but I compromised on a civilized and professional looking one in order to keep the peace with Mrs. Doom. Throw away whatever else you need to in my garbage can, but I draw the line at feces.
  11. To be fair, this mask does appear to be Vantablack.
  12. In LA, the shortest errand will still take you an hour because everything is always crowded. No idea how it is in OC, but I don't miss the constant hassle.
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