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  1. Yeah, that was a lot of fun.
  2. I bet that it's a lot of fun to fuck Bjork.
  3. Apple and Onion is funny as shit. Some episodes are better than others, and it's one of those shows where you kind of need to know the characters to fully appreciate some of it, so don't bail right away if you aren't sold after one or two episodes. Big City Greens is also good, though I hate the little girl's hayseed accent. Teen Titans Go is also good.
  4. Rossi was acting like a bit of a twat the other day and griping about having to play a video game, etc., so I'm not at all surprised that he didn't take it too seriously. Seemed like possibly some pretty transparent defense mechanisms at work.
  5. Cornielison's upstairs neighbors must get pretty tired of this.
  6. Can you PM (or just post) the transporter you used? I need to get my mom's '71 Skylark convertible out of storage in central Illinois and up to me in Chicago this summer. It needs immediate attention - I suspect that mice got into the heater core, and perhaps also caused other havoc. Thanks for leaving those granola bars and peanut butter cheese crackers in the glove box before dying, dad!
  7. A bunch of old farts simulation racing 1975-era cars at Silverstone on the "The Race" YouTube channel right now. *JPM is the nameless entry.
  8. I have found that the Liberty Mutual commercials are marginally funnier if you pretend that the emu is named Doug.
  9. Ed could probably put the Cannonball record permanently out of reach for anyone else (or end up dying of the 'Rona in a small-town Kansas jail...) if he made another dash here in the next few weeks.
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