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  1. That degree of head enlargement and/or neck reduction can't be cheap.
  2. In case it's useful - from the September 2020* C&D Audi A6 Allroad review that I just read while defecating. *Yes, I'm woefully behind on my bathroom reading - bidet eliminates the opportunity to read while doing extensive paperwork, plus the state of the world over the past year and a half was so fucked up there for a while that I temporarily ditched my personal "no phone on the shitter" rule...
  3. Then it's official! Kevin - get training. You've got a week (maybe two) to prepare.
  4. I disagree with your apparent conclusion that anyone besides the top 1% of badasses would ever last long enough to succumb to a slow bludgeoning by Mike Tyson.
  5. Any idea whether the OEM parts happen to have a greater than average amount of platinum and other rare materials? That could be why you're getting unexpectedly high offers. It doesn't take too much platinum to add up to real money...
  6. Sponsoring David Starr for 19 Xfinity races this year. https://www.jayski.com/2021/02/11/david-starr-wil-run-32-xfinity-races-for-mbm-motorsports/
  7. Funny you should ask - I had a period of about 30 seconds a week or so ago when I was considering watching Mayors of Eastwick but the first thing I saw was some hindbrain on Twitter talking about how it was really good, but still not as good as The Killing, which, it turns out, is a tremendously effective shibboleth for determining whether a TV show is written by and/or for dullards and indiscriminates. Obviously, that's as far as my dalliance went. Instead, we're now watching Money Heist, which is also riven with plot holes and logistical Bondo, but it doesn't take itself seriousl
  8. For reference, the monkey in this picture is likely between 26-30" tall and 35-50 lbs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proboscis_monkey
  9. You know that commercial for some product intended to treat Peyronie's Disease (boner deformations) where the backdrop of the ad shows all of the different peppers and various phallus-shaped fruits and vegetables? The one where some somber and paternal-voiced older man asks "if you've got a bump or a bend that bothers you"? Doomlet has seen that commercial enough that he's now running around the house chanting "a BEND ora BUMP that BOTH-ERS YOU" over and over. We're trying not to acknowledge it in any way because feedback of any kind only emboldens him, but I'm having a really hard time
  10. Turns out that was yesterday, so thanks for nothing, you biscuit tease!
  11. That was a fun race. Disappointed for RoGro but happy for Peenus ReeKay - I like the way that kid drives.
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