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  1. There's nothing particularly irritating or offensive about it, but I sure as shit am getting tired of the sketchy turtle who stole that kid's identity.
  2. I remember being a bit outraged by the judges' decision to put Mammoth over Copperhead, but I have forgotten the details given how much more egregious their error (in my opinion) was in giving Bloodsport the win over Gruff. Sam McAnus must have personally offended the judges or something - it seems like they just refuse to give that team a break. My bracket is currently in the driver's seat among our family. Missed only three in the first round (had Malice over Gigabyte, Lockjaw over Shatter, and Copperhead over Mammoth) and the only E8 points I'm missing is that I had Copperhead beating
  3. Reddick certainly didn't disappoint yesterday. What a solid run he had there at the end. Byron is a human Ken doll.
  4. The month of hibernation under 3' of snow is coming to an end.
  5. I do, but I used to live in Miami and have seen many races there (my favorites are probably the IndyCar races when Marlboro gave free tickets and a bunch of swag to everyone on their mailing list) so I might be biased. Nowadays I enjoy watching Larson (and Reddick) run the high line. The progressive banking distinguishes it from all the other true cookie cutter tracks, and it's nowhere near the most boring track on the recent schedules in my opinion.
  6. Pro tip: Take a moment to consider your particular situation and determine whether a silent garage door opener is a desirable feature or a dealbreaker.
  7. As your attorney, I advise you to get the chiliburger. It’s a hamburger with chili on it.
  8. You forgot to summarize the poopwriting.
  9. Was he an asshole about it? Did it seem like he was telling you to fuck off? Or are you just assuming based on political disagreements with mutual acquaintances? If he wasn't being an asshole, check in with him again. If he was being an asshole, check in with him again, and if he still blows you off, ask him when he's going to get to it. Explain your desired timeline, and make sure he can meet it. If he can't, and/or doesn't seem like he gives a shit, then consider taking it somewhere else, and when you go to retrieve your car, make sure you shit all over his bathroom walls while y
  10. Just reach out to him? Unless you have pointed out that he and/or his preferred president is a moron, I'm not sure why you would suspect that political attitudes are sabotaging your work. Maybe there's a misunderstanding about the urgency, or maybe he caught C19 because he thought it was a hoax, etc. - who knows? Lots of other explanations, and unless I'm missing something, I think you owe it to your friend and your friendship/relationship to not assume the worst and your best approach is to just harmlessly check in on things and go from there.
  11. In my experience, the MyQ app is a toss up whether it will open/close your door when you try to use it for that purpose, or whether it will shit itself and disconnect from my home network, which is a giant pain in the ass, so I only use it very sparingly for that purpose. However, I am also afflicted with the "maybe *this* is the first time in my life that I have forgotten to close the garage door" brainworms, so it's very reassuring to be able to just open the app and confirm that everything is closed like it's supposed to be. On a related note, my external keypad code is BOOBS.
  12. Porsche is apparently working on "synthetic fuel technology," whatever the fuck that is.
  13. If the signage is to be believed, I think it would be pretty easy for Dean to issue a directive that would get her out of his hair.
  14. Some amount of backstory on this trainwreck:
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