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  1. I like my liquor like I like my women.... Brown. I like my whiskey like I like my women - twelve years old and mixed up with coke.
  2. Looks like you're on deck for some parasites, @workswithbuttworms.
  3. I'm curious how this thread got bumped. Was Reviving Poster searching for "anteater," "write specific instructions on my penis," or perhaps an image search for "big hairy pussy?"
  4. The fact that you have the temerity to make a post related to rules of evidence suggests that your brainworms have eaten the portion responsible for self-awareness. See a neurologist.
  5. In my personal opinion and experience, the Internet peaked at the time when there was a niche message board for whatever people were into, but before the rise of giant, aggregated social media conglomerates like MyFace, SpaceBook, Twitter, etc.
  6. Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Poured on Calif. Woman in Random Attack A night near the Hollywood Walk of Fame would change a woman's life, as she was getting into her car and a homeless man sprinted across Hollywood Boulevard toward her. Heidi Van Tassel was parked in Hollywood after having a pleasant evening out with friends at an authentic Thai restaurant. Suddenly a man randomly pulled her out of the car, dragged her out to the middle of the street, and dumped a bucket of feces on her head, Van Tassel said and public records confirm. "It was all inside my car because it was so much. He just kept pouring it and splattering it all over me," she said. She said the Los Angeles Police Department told her they'd investigate the crime, but her phone calls to the department went unanswered. Van Tassel said the police also promised to have their victims' advocate reach out to her to offer services. She said she never got a call. "It's so traumatic. The PTSD that I'm dealing with is beyond anything that I've ever felt," Van Tassel said. "There needs to be some kind of help for the victims of these crimes." The man who attacked her, identified in court records as Jere Blessings, was charged with battery and taken to jail. Blessings was described as a transient with "schizophrenia and psychotic disorders," records show. "He doesn't need jail time. He needs mental health care," Van Tassel said. "I have empathy for him. Because he needs help." Jere Blessings got help, but only for two months. He was sent by a judge to a residential facility for people with mental health issues, and released in August. Security footage from businesses nearby captured the attack, and bodycam captured the aftermath as officers responded, but the LAPD and businesses would not release the footage, even when Van Tassel asked to see it. "It was awful," Van Tassel said through tears. "And it changed my life." The Los Angeles City Attorney's office said Blessings is now back in the community, which worries Van Tassel. "I will never, ever, forget his face," Van Tassel said. "What’s the next thing he’s going to do somebody? If he would’ve had a knife, for sure he would’ve stabbed me." https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/diarrhea-poured-on-woman-hollywood-homeless-564585101.html
  7. Agreed. I gave up looking for the study pretty easily, but I recall reading a very persuasive and well-researched academic article/study that untangled the base motivations of people in both political parties. Basically, it argued/found that people with Republican/conservative attitudes (particularly those drawn to the current Trumpian variant) supported policies rooted in and motivated by fear. Conversely, it found that people with Democrat/liberal attitudes supported policies rooted in and motivated by anger.
  8. If you haven't already, take some drugs and watch Akira.
  9. On the other hand, Paw Patrol is some straight up garbage. Everything about it sucks dog dicks.
  10. Still better than what this poo(r) lady went through.
  11. Passenger 57 starred Wesley Snipes.
  12. Has the Funbag resurfaced anywhere? Besides on the front of a hosehound?
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