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  1. Mah Waaafe rarely uses much horsepower, but she cares, and wants the option when necessary. She used to be a scofflaw though.
  2. This still cracks me the fuck up every time I see it. I can't help but also blurt out "blue" along with that guy. My family is quite tired of how funny I find this specific part of this commercial.
  3. Remember how disappointed you were as a child when you tried to design a new car out of a hodgepodge of deconstructed Hot Wheels cars, Matchbox cars, Legos, Play-Doh, Capsela parts, Tinker Toys, and whatever else, and it just turned into a psychotic amalgamation of incompatible parts, some of them at radically different scale than the others? I thought of that when stopped in traffic behind an X5 m50i (or some other mishmash of meaninglessness) the other day. I don't know what all they were going for, but the mosaic of symptoms is definitely far less than the sum of its disconnected parts. Fucking yuck.
  4. I have had slightly better success than the default level by mentioning on the phone (and avoiding the app/online ordering system whenever possible) that it's going to take me XX minutes to get to the restaurant - that seems to help places calibrate a little better than just following whatever assembly line of prioritization that they would otherwise follow.
  5. If you don't already follow Dave (@iowahawkblog) on Twitter, you should. Every Saturday morning he puts his encyclopedic knowledge of old cars to use in identifying the cars from old family photos. It's a nice little thing to peruse while waking up. Thought this one was worth sharing. Click tweet (*edit - if you can; seems like it's not embedding properly for whatever reason) for this week's thread, but I'm also adding the larger versions of these photos here, too. https://twitter.com/iowahawkblog/status/1319965711675068416?s=19
  6. I also spent way more time wondering about the logistics, deception, and authenticity of things than I wish I did, especially where it's just completely out of the ordinary to have a camera like the car scene with the empathetic babysitter, the synagogue, etc. I would love to have seen the "haha you got punked" footage from the debutante ball. I agree that the Giuliani thing was misrepresented earlier in the week. He was being a lech, but I don't think it's unquestionably clear that he was priming the pump. And whether he was or wasn't really doesn't make much ultimate difference either way, at least in my opinion. Entertaining, but Mah Wiiiiif fell asleep pretty early on, and I didn't laugh hard enough to wake her up at any point.
  7. They should have kept Zork over the yuckmouth dipshit they hired to replace him, but he needed to go.
  8. Both result in the smell of burning rubber if you play your cards right?
  9. If the timing was right for me, then I wouldn't have shared the link with you jackals!
  10. A gorgeous 2012 AMG wagon (last of the RWDs) with a $50k optional interior - original list price was $173k. A bargain now at $65k. Too many pictures to poach - just click the links... https://www.thembmarket.com/post/beauty-and-braun-in-one-2012-e63-wagon-from-amg-s-performance-studio https://rennlist.com/forums/market/1219484
  11. This just happened and was funny enough that I thought I should share.
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