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  1. It’s just people enforcing their HOA! C’mon, man!
  2. The real tragedy here is gun violence. Your lol edit is bullshit, and you should come back and admit your reasons for posting this shit the bed. People are getting slaughtered and your lol bullshit is not helping.
  3. @Modessit was the arcade guy, I believe.
  4. Lots of reasons but a big part of it was some equipment needing to be replaced, which is probably taking a while due to supply chain issues. Suggest everyone interested read this article: https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2022/04/former-employee-blows-whistle-on-baby-formula-production-plant-tied-to-outbreak/ Here are a couple of interesting pieces:
  5. But the thing is, he doesn’t have any flower beds or landscaping, it’s just straight grass all around. No trees in the back yard either. Just a big square hunk of yard. When we get the fence replaced I’m paying the extra to have a 6” rot board at the bottom.
  6. A few handfuls of pink dryer lint will stick to that thing like you wouldn’t believe.
  7. In all seriousness, a guy that works for me had a new house built about 2 years ago, included solar and 2 power walls in his garage. Not sure it will ever pay for itself but he felt good about it and is covered during short outages.
  8. Give us a tutorial, preferably with pics. Seriously though you are correct, and maybe some insight would be helpful for others. Myself, I understand because my wife breast fed our kids and my daughter hers. He’s weaning now at 18 months.
  9. My next door neighbor runs the weed eater around his house and privacy fence BEFORE he mows. Also beats the shit out of the fence doing it. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I mow first and get all I can with the mower, then finish up with the trimmer, taking care not to fuck the fence up with the string.
  10. Tell me more about this “burger alarm”. Will it keep my kids from eating the leftover one I was saving for lunch the next day?
  11. Agree, and that was my less-than-articulate point about retirement accounts. There needs to be a threshold of some sort.
  12. Not necessarily, but with the exception of a basic retirement threshold amount, capital gains should be taxed the same as income, or at least more fairly.
  13. Here is the total tax burden by income bracket. Even this doesn't tell the whole picture though, as it doesn't take into account capital gains I believe.
  14. I dunno. A good start would be increasing the capital gains tax on people who contribute nothing but sit back and earn a living on investments and/or live on loans backed by those investments. Exempt retirement accounts and homesteads.
  15. Bottom line is things here have gone to volatile shit with the advent of internet trading plus quarterly reports. CEO or management pay needs to be tied to long-term health of the company or adjusted if that’s not feasible.
  16. It certainly won’t impact recapture, and the billions will go to shit.
  17. I’m not sure Ukraine has the necessary assets to take out the bridge, but it would be a real shame if someone paid a few million dollars for a large ship or two to accidentally crash into it.
  18. This is a bizarre price and I’m filing it under “ if it sounds too good to be true”. Supposedly not refurbished. https://www.vardon.shop/product/blackfriday-ryobi-21-in-40-volt-lithium-ion-brushless-cordless-walk-behind-self-propelled-mower-with-7-5-ah-battery-charger-included/
  19. I read this book for an American Studies class at UT. Recommend reading it if you’re interested in the story.
  20. I have a bunch of pairs of chinos from Kohls that are comfortable as hell. Sonoma Goods for life is the brand.
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