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  1. What does one who isn’t an irredeemable piece of shit like these people do as a parent to help balance them out? Show up to school board meetings and vote against them on the school board?
  2. Kevin getting some good Shadow moments in while he’s still with us. I really think he’s probably running low on time with how much strength he’s lost in his back. But we’ll see. So glad he’s been able to be a kid dog for a bit and pass the baton to the little hooman.
  3. More of an Our Bees kind of thing
  4. Celery Man


    Sitting with it a bit more, I wish they had perhaps shown a bit more how it was that the jury reached the verdict that they did. Maybe that's different than the story they were trying to tell, and I suppose they did illustrate that prosecution failing to adapt and the audaciousness/knack for drama from the defense, but still. Agree that the ax scene with Jonah was great. That and the preceding scene where he sees the shoes in the trash can, both great and say a lot without any dialogue. In real life, the defense attorney did indeed run for governor and get 11% of the vote. He spiraled out with booze and coke and later killed himself. He had expressed at least some mild regret about the trial, Can't believe the husband stuck with her for another 4 years or whatever it was. I think I recommended it upthread but for Lynskey, her Netflix movie with Frodo was enjoyable. In the tradition of God Bless America or I guess Falling Down great dog name in that movie
  5. This is the most enticing pedal design I have ever seen Sweetwater
  6. You get so much action with a chair like that
  7. Poor people cost money and the free market is not (near) perfectly efficient. also, American poverty not being equal to starving to death on a dirt floor is a thing about America that is still great.
  8. Housing costs are obviously a huge issue with a lot of factors involved but honest work for a decent living sure solves a lot of problems, as we've seen.
  9. "if you want a human to work at your place of business they need to earn enough money to reasonably pay for their necessities" - that's the free shit brigade, that's the flow of free money that needs to be plugged to stabilize the economy.
  10. Celery Man


    I enjoyed that. There’s an upcoming HBO thing about the same case with the Olsen not twin, I’ll probably watch that as well. I need to look up the case now that there are no spoilers. Bananas. Also liked Timberlake as the detective.
  11. imagine if you could enjoy yourself and feel good about your accomplishments in this way without needing to know that others deserve less
  12. Maybe we can tax the poor for their food stamps/welfare and just have a self sustaining poverty ecosystem.
  13. If your business isn’t paying enough for your employees to live, it is government subsidized. Get off the teat.
  14. Being showered, fed, clothed, and rested in addition to the breathing.
  15. I don’t know what he’ll say after the first long pause, but it will be devastatingly funny
  16. Iirc custody of his son was also on the line in this arm wrestling match.
  17. I think young people don't want to stay in the small towns regardless, but it is absolutely a jobs thing. I do think the mass exodus to the cities has spilled over to smaller places like Bentonville, Boise, Charleston, etc. Salt Lake, RTP Has the dust settled on employers letting employees go remote and then dealing with... San Diego payscale employees becoming neighbors with the people on the Bentonville scale?
  18. it is incredibly fucked up how, even after genociding them, we just kept genociding them
  19. did it get into the whole tuesday night music club thing at all?
  20. you're taking what I said and adding a whole bunch of extra shit that I never did. I'm doing fine and was merely pointing out that you are making the exact point that the "capitalism is bad" people do. Sorry to hear that you've contracted socialism.
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