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  1. When Liberty Lunch ,Waterloo Brewery, original Gingerman, etc we’re forced to close to build high rises.
  2. Yeah the more I think of it Pablo Schreiber would be a perfect Jack Reacher. 6’5”, menacing. I’ll call Tom Cruise in the morning and tell him he is out.
  3. I’m a former republican so... Bloomberg 18 Biden 17 Sanders and Warren 6 but as said earlier anyone over trump.
  4. His brother could be good.
  5. Yeah just saw it (it is streaming on Prime) WTF. Cool visuals but I have no idea what I just saw.
  6. This is a prequel right? Sure looks like it.
  7. That was 2015 and I had more than a few bad bottles.
  8. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.
  9. Yes Brazos is a shit show getting out. We always park at state garage R just on the other side of MLK from Brazos. It’s usually free. for the 3pm start I’m going to park at he Bullock garage, I think they stop collecting fees at 7.
  10. I’m enjoying Servant. Interesting premise with al out of WTF moments. lead actress is pretty annoying but I like the vibe so far. I wish Apple would drop all episodes at once, this whole week between releases old school model is frustrating on streaming services.
  11. I’d say an assist goes out to the crowd. They sensed this team needed help and at the start of set 4 it got LOUD. I was sitting in the baseline section on the floor and my Apple watch dB meter hit 110 constantly. hopefully we learn and build off of this. Hookem.
  12. We’re a Volleyball School Now
  13. Once again the down and distance on godzillatron was wrong for most of the game. On the plus side it did get pretty loud in the 4th quarter. flyover was cool.
  14. Couple of note...yes the orange tube top girl was on the Jumbotron at least 8times maybe more and I was ok with that. There were more Texas Fight chants The band was not micd up this week. Previous games they could be heard on those big speaker stacks by the cheerleaders. Entire upper deck section and far SE lower side was empty entire game due to student ticket entry fiasco. Other games scores were displayed all night. Overall, my biggest gripe was not hearing the band, but overall great time and win.
  15. A few notes from the game last inght... getting into the stadium was tough after 630, highly recommend getting in early next week if you don’t want to miss the pageantry/kickoff. The jumbo torn stepped all over the band during the first quarter and as usual during TEXAS FIGHT. Don’t Stop Believing was played before halftime kickoff which was made it less special as to how many people were not in their seats. No comment on can ncessions as I didn’t partake but I did hear complaints that it was tough to get food if sitting in lower bowl north end zone. Oh, the director for the Jumbotron had ADD, a mess of short crowd shots.
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