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  1. Bump. Going to Hot Springs in 2 weeks. Rented a Airbnb on lake Hamilton ( north part of lake). Any COVID recommendations for takeout? Also any great can’t miss hikes, waterfalls, rivers etc? Sucks can’t do some of the restaurants and bars proper but looking for any recommendations for beer, liquor, food, outdoor fun etc.
  2. Yesterday at the Slaughter/Escarpment HEB I saw an unmasked HEB curbside employee picking out fruits and vegetables to place on his cart. Kind of defeats the purpose I would think. Plus about 6 or 7 unmasked shoppers. This was around 1pm and the store was pretty packed.
  3. That’s what I thought watching it. Body count is about the same. It was a good time waster, would recommend.
  4. SIAP, just started Das Boot on Hulu. 3 episodes in and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a mix of German, French, and English so if subtitles aren’t your thing then you may not want to start it.
  5. About tree fiddy yards from there. Between Davis and Slaughter.
  6. Watched Bone Tomahawk last night on Prime. Good western with some great scenery. Ending I thought was rushed but worth a watch.
  7. Watching with my 12 year old son, he’s as nervous as I was.
  8. A real simple test (for folks with little to no knowledge) to see if your outside condenser is working properly is to see if it moving hot air out of the house. To do this you would turn you AC On inside and set your thermostat to a temp slightly lower than you normally keep it. Once you believe the AC is blowing cold air into the house go back outside and feel the temp of the air being blown off the condenser. If the air is not warm to hot, then you are not moving heat or humidity. A simple first step would be to clean your coils on your condenser with a a high pressure water hose. Secondly it may be a sign that you are low on Freon. This will not work today since cool weather has come back but once the heat and humidity move back in try that first. You can also inspect the outside copper tubing during a hot humid day and you should see sweat coming off one of the pipes. Also don’t forget to change your filters regularly.
  9. When Liberty Lunch ,Waterloo Brewery, original Gingerman, etc we’re forced to close to build high rises.
  10. Yeah the more I think of it Pablo Schreiber would be a perfect Jack Reacher. 6’5”, menacing. I’ll call Tom Cruise in the morning and tell him he is out.
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