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  1. Amazes me that the developers of these outdoor malls think they can take what only works well in California and plop it rest of the country with no changes to the architecture or design. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I’m not doing my part but I do have solar and batteries.
  3. Hey… give some credit, I bet as a native of Minnesota he can tell the diff between say a Norwegian and a Swede!
  4. I really enjoyed it. Loved the classic Sam Raimi horror vibes throughout the film.
  5. Not an active shooter update (for now) thankfully. Just wanted to share a really well written story about a survivor's experience from the past Oxford Michigan school shooting: https://wapo.st/3l9keHK
  6. Lol, as an immigrant family...the first decade or so my family didn't use the dishwasher. It was just a rack to dry dishes.
  7. He's an evil smarmy ambitious prick.
  8. For fuck’s sake, come on end the game already
  9. I remember enjoying the book... but don't remember much. Think I'll read it again before I watch the dramatization.
  10. Yep yep. Despite our state's founding myths... it's was mainly a bunch failed slave owners that couldn't hack it elsewhere needing a second act or they thought it would be an easier place to start making money. Boy talk about how some things remain the same.
  11. I still really like the world of GoT despite the last season. Can't wait to see this.
  12. That is fucking perfect.
  13. Any suggestions for a fun & lively place to watch the final in Austin?
  14. Egyptian mythology is so cool
  15. I'm still on a pre-paid plan from before Disney+ launched... finally expires this Nov. Seems worth it to just do an annual sub for me.
  16. How did this not get released today?!
  17. Might even be witnessing a shift in their attitude towards being pro-corporations & free trade as well now.
  18. It’s hard to assume positive with you WWS… you’re a real piece of work.
  19. Had a blast running the Austin 10k. I highly recommend it for all as part of their cardio fitness journey. Heck for those not able to run the whole thing you can even walk it. The music made it so much fun. Nothing like a mariachi band to play you off from the starting line. Signed up for the 1/2 marathon in Houston in October. Will be a good test for the next one in Jan 23.
  20. Oh there’s plenty of room for all with my criticism. But since I’m an American and seeing the role some evangelical Christians have played with current politics here, that’s more top of mind for me.
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