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  1. ^^^ That bag isn't dry aging. But, hey... it's your money.
  2. The best beer I ever drank was a frozen mug full of tap Budweiser. Now let me explain the extenuating circumstances. We were building oilfield roads in the middle of nowhere Parker County. It was 105. The truck had no a/c and an exhaust leak. At the end of the day we all stopped at a bar on Jacksboro Highway and ordered pitchers. Bud was the only tap beer they had and it was cold. When that icy cold beer hit my tongue it was the best motherfucking thing I had ever tasted.
  3. That was a Jim Carrey project and I thought it was very good. Gave a pretty inside view of what comic life was like. Brad Garrett is finominole.
  4. Their Finest (2016) Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighly. Set in the early days of the London Blitz the Propaganda Ministry needs a film to lift British spirits. Arterton is hired to write "the slop" (female dialogue). Well made period flick.
  5. He's also the original Uncle Jesse.
  6. Damn you! God damn you all to Hell!
  7. RPM

    Below Deck

    It's obvious as hell Sandy wants and has been grooming Malia. Malia just soaks it up because she's likes the attention and power.
  8. Aunt Bee: According to you The Lord made 2 genders... men and blabbermouths! Andy: Well put. Wellll put!
  9. There's a peculiar stranger in town. Miiiighty peculiar.
  10. Are you trying to piss me off?
  11. Kevin Pollack did an HBO Special in the early 90's that absolutely killed.
  12. I'm sick of the Harley drama.
  13. It was just pissy mist all night long in DFW. Reminded me of Seattle. Not really rain, just a pain in the ass.
  14. I've literally lived at the end of "the last mile" my whole life. We were the last to get private lines (party lines were still standard), last to get touch tone (that used to cost extra and had to dial special access codes to get long distance, LD was also ANYTHING outside your local 3 digit number not your area code). They were bloodthirsty. Cell phones killed all that.
  15. I live in BFE North Texas and Centurylink is my land provider. I get 1.5mbps on a good day. I can't stream shit in HD. They have zero plans in investing in fiberoptic. We have copper and be happy we got that! I'm waiting on Elon's StarLink. It's reportedly got smoking fast bandwidth and latency. It is scheduled to be available in late 2021. Once rural residents get high speed broadband, the game will have changed. Everything happening now is getting the chess pieces in place. AT&T is desperately trying to dump DirecTv.
  16. Rodents will fuck shit up overnight. The only defense is dogs or parking indoors. Wire insulation and copper are like crack to them. Squirrels are the worst. They will gnaw through 4" wire harnesses and hunt for more.
  17. I think Bill Lawrence might deserve some credit for how well this show flows.
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