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  1. I always semi-liked Shep with a huge spoonful of skepticism until the SoCal VA shootings a couple years ago. They were doing live coverage and switched hosts from Shep to Greta Van Susteren and she went off on some wildass conspiracy theories. Shep broke back in and called bullshit on each of her conspiracy theories and while doing so, new news broke and FOX dumped her and went to Shep who covered the capture. Shep is a legit news guy. FOX was smart to hire him, they just couldn't control him. But he did make a shitload of money to take a long vacation.
  2. I''m voting he doesn't. But i'm sentimental.
  3. There's that whole Bar exam thingy. I haven't read the ESG novels, but I've seen 1930's pre-code Perry Mason movies with Warren William. He was a shady lawyer that you wanted on your side. This is a re-imagining of the character. I'm not hating it. Mason's just a PI instead of a lawyer. He may never become a lawyer in this version, who knows? But Lithgow dying would certainly be a catalyst for him to suddenly graduate from law school on the GI Bill in the S2 premiere. Drake having been kicked off the force for cooperating with Mason will suddenly be available for PI work. The band is getting together.
  4. Good news, Shep Smith is coming to CNBC this fall. I trust Shep to a degree more than others.
  5. Glad to see Shep back on the air. I've always respected him for calling out BS when he sees/hears it. FOX couldn't handle the truth.
  6. Getting back to the butter issue, I'd never considered buttering a steak or even knew it was a thing until I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain. His opinion was if the steak is done properly, there's no point in gilding the lily. Can't argue with that.
  7. And one of the World's deadliest assassins during the Cold War.
  8. RPM

    Naked and Afraid

    I'm old, fat, arthritic, diabetic and have high blood pressure. Pretty sure I could outlast dorkboy. His head is his problem.
  9. It's a 2003 Gwyneth Paltrow romcom with Preston and Kelly Bundy.
  10. She was a trashy hot stewardess in View from the Top.
  11. The "steering room" is in the stern above the rudder where all the steering gear is. It's called aft steering.
  12. RPM


    Think that was a fake brand. I can't find any trace of it online.
  13. Damn, just watched For the Love of the Game. She was smokin' hot as usual. View from the Top may be my favorite. Lots of T&A.
  14. This gives me faith in the youts. Yer doin' something right.
  15. Florida reports 15,300 new COVID-19 cases — a record for one day anywhere in the U.S.
  16. Florida reports 15,300 new COVID-19 cases — a record for one day anywhere in the U.S.
  17. True, but it doesn't answer the question. Dotard still profits and advertises his properties on our dime.
  18. Detecting massive amounts of ceramic and severe paper shortage.
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