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  1. Oh, man. I thought they had a brick and mortar lined up.
  2. Any chance we might also get a picture of the burger?
  3. There are limits, but a little milk/cream just makes good coffee better. Also, obligatory
  4. I've had my walk behind for probably eight years or so. Other than replacing the battery at 5 years (about $100 at the time), it's been bulletproof. I have no idea about the riding mowers, but they have pro series equipment and I've seen at least one lawn service locally with all E-Go gear.
  5. I will never identify her, but $85 per clean and it's immaculate. For $100, she'd do laundry, fold, and put away. Again, stay away. Minzes.
  6. My mom fell once in her closet and couldn't get up. My sister found her 6 hours later. No bueno. She got a fall alert bracelet through ADT and while I'm sure they overcharged her on the monthly, she had a couple of exciting false alarms where the fire department showed up. So I'm guessing if she had fallen again, it would have been helpful. Thankfully, during that time, she did not fall again.
  7. dcbc


    Got my last one in 2019. Found a small precancerous polyp. Scheduled me in another 5 years due to size of polyp. Thankfully, my PCP likes me a bit more than the Gastro does and said 3 year cycle. I'll be documenting my prep in photos over on shaggysnowcone in a month or so. Also, how is something called a "shaggy snowcone" not on urban dictionary?
  8. Got a HBCB this morning, nixed the HB (I can't pretend that shit isn't gross; yeah, I know, unpopular opinions thread), added an egg. I very much miss the J/C biscuit as well.
  9. I came, I saw, I ate. Not bad. (Dairy Palace)
  10. I'll be driving by Dairy Palace on the way home from Ft. Worth today. I may have to make a stop.
  11. I like to think of Patricio Swayze like, with giant eagle's wings and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an Angel Band, and I’m in the front row, and I’m hammered drunk.
  12. Here in unvaxxed land, we saw a slight spike a couple of weeks ago, but as of this week, we are averaging fewer than three cases per day in a county of 250K. How much of that is due to laziness in testing, I don't know. But I'm not worried about it.
  13. The year my niece graduated from UT (about 3 years ago), she and a friend spent 6 weeks in Vietnam. Very 60s of her to head to Vietnam right after graduation (the Uncle Joke). Anyway, amazing trip and meticulously planned. I can see if she still has the itinerary. But based on my memory of old Top Gear, you have to hit up Halong Bay.
  14. I love the Dead's version of Iko Iko. Unfortunately, the song doesn't appear on the official Chef soundtrack. But I did stumble across this
  15. First of all, I'd eat that. Second of all, reading through Mike's steps, I can say that he and I do a lot of things differently. For instance, I use a WSM with oak and Pecan, more recently I'm team no binder, wrap in paper, and no wrapping liquid. What he and I do the same: 60/40 S&P (I add a little cayenne pepper), pull past 200 and rest vented, not afraid to toss it in the cooler with a towel for extended periods. I will spritze with ACV/Water periodically after the first couple of hours to help the bark stand up, but sometimes, I fall asleep and don't bother with it. Maybe its the charcoal, but I always end up with some manner and means of meteorite bark. YMMV, and as long as it's good, don't sweat it.
  16. All of them. Such a great soundtrack too.
  17. Ah, Houston zoning. [CSB] Looks like its "Fizz Nail Lounge" now. Back then, that whole retail property lot was owned by a guy named Carl Gauci, who also owned and operated "The Beauty Pavilion." He and his wife were German or Austrian or some such. Nice folks. He sold all that property back in the 90s and basically went on endless winter, snow skiing with his wife and their friends. My then girlfriend (now wife) ran into them at a party in Park City in 1999 and, for some reason, I still have the picture of all of us. I'm glad he didn't live long enough to see who the new tenants were, but for as much as he made off that deal, I doubt he would have cared all that much. [/CSB]
  18. I run mine over tree limbs and everything else. St. Augustine isn't any trouble. If it's super wet, it might clump up in the grass exhaust, but that's not a function of power.
  19. That's about when he bounced from here and the reason is probably close to to correct from what I've read here. He's cooking over at Dozier's in Fulshear now.
  20. Another happy E-Go owner. I've had the mower for maybe 7 or 8 years. I also have the blower, weed whacker/string trimmer, and hedge clippers. All are rock solid. I had to buy a replacement battery for the mower after 5 years. Wasn't too bad.
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