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  1. And you didn’t have any money to pay her right? I’ve seen that video.
  2. I've been playing it in reverse, but it never quite gets to where I want it to go
  3. She can't see her sidepiece right now so you have to pick up the slack
  4. I'm expecting this once in a millennium problem to be sort of like the once in 500 year flood that happens every year in Houston
  5. Thought about chopping off the SO's head, arms, and legs?
  6. Probably CR, but not much you can do when both major party candidates are douche bags.
  7. So is the punishment more severe for premeditated murder suicide versus spur of the moment murder suicide?
  8. Are we getting ready to see the first shaggy/surly murder suicide?
  9. Alum, an astringent, was used for the purposes of vaginal tightening to enhance sexual pleasure for the partner, to make the vagina 'younger', or to hide evidence of infidelity.
  10. So now google will have constant updates on your health, plus pictures of you bunghole.
  11. Admiral, General, one of those guys with all the shiny stuff on their uniform.
  12. Next time she's on walk up to her with her dildo and tell her you found it under the bed and want to know what it is.
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