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  1. Cross check the shart thread, i bet there's a corresponding entry
  2. I guess I could go ahead and put my old timey laptop out of its misery.
  3. No matter how much I drink, this thread grows faster than I can keep up.
  4. When he lands at Bergstrom CDC should give him a Burnt Orange Resistol so he can be Urban Cowboy
  5. Wasn’t D gate what got Clinton impeached?
  6. Do fat girls roll in flour before they masturbate?
  7. I like my Fords, so I'm sure you don't want my input. The bolded is why I laugh every time I see a commercial about how the video doorbell is going to save your packages from porch pirates. Unless it sends an alert to your phone and you happen to be walking the dog a half a block away it won't do shit. If I'm a porch pirate and your doorbell whistles at me while I'm stealing your package the only effect it will have will be to give you a good video of me giving you the finger while stealing your package. I'm sure the PDs all over the country are rapidly processing the clues provided by these videos to track down the thieves.
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