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  1. You sound like a man who got drunk and went swimming in the fountain
  2. All this talk about the SS is going to start attracting aggy
  3. Have you never been to Houston? I hope you get transferred to Houston and your neighbor starts a pig farm.
  4. They decided to leave the sign and steal the humor
  5. It’s really starting to piss me off the way all you people are making fun of people on the spectrum
  6. Why, because it was ok if you touched their holes?
  7. Well your very last sentence turned out to be true
  8. So you’re saying Burrow was actually a jugs machine
  9. No matter the subject, to Surly the answer is always tits.
  10. If anyone ever gave me one of those kits for a gift I would go to some random truck stop and pick up (with industrial strength rubber gloves) a pubic hair off of a toilet seat and send it in. Then I would post the results on facebook.
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