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  1. Lebrun James isn’t making his living off being oppressed by the man
  2. The show was kind of like fucking a whore. I enjoyed it while it was happening, but afterwards was kind of ashamed I did it.
  3. You don't find it realistic that the US would send a single helicopter with a couple of nonmilitary dudes in it to land in the middle of a national capital building to start shooting the place up.
  4. I wish all the counties that are declaring themselves gun sanctuaries would declare themselves civil asset forfeiture sanctuaries instead. I guess love of the Constitution only extends so far when it starts affecting the bottom line.
  5. Maybe at the Tech game fans can do something to honor Texas' late program, football
  6. I was going to make a joke about how fat your wife must be if women are orbiting her, but I decided not to.
  7. Cesspool. Please get the terminology correct.
  8. Hell yeah. Baseball, softball, volleyball, and even that European flopping game. I'm going to have to find an alternative.
  9. The judgement was later settled between the two companies for $3.0 billion.
  10. Is it possible that Baylor beats us so bad that our bowl eligibility gets revoked?
  11. Jesus titty fucking Christ. If you’re starting at Texas and the coach has to tell you not to jump offsides in that situation then you have a serious problem
  12. If nothing is done, eventually we will get to a point where a serious effort at constitutional change is made. That is not a can of worms I want to see opened with the group of incompetents that get elected these days.
  13. Does he really think he can get Dabo to come here? If so, that is a reason to remain positive.
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