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  1. Let’s keep smacking Hegarty around and put up a few more
  2. I guess I should have left well enough alone.
  3. Based on the action in this thread it seems like everyone has just given up.
  4. I hadn’t really thought about it until I got the reminder email about my contract being up July 1st. Fucking sticker shock. I’m going to more than double my rate.
  5. How about when you woke up the next day and the sheets were stuck to the scab
  6. Yeah, but it looks like she wants to spoon too
  7. I thought it was posted because he was peeing
  8. So which is worse, our base running or their defense?
  9. A couple of nights ago Sebastian chewed the cover off of one of his toys. When I went to take it from him he swallowed it so I couldn’t get it. Apparently he pooped it out today. When I got home I found him chewing on this
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