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  1. but the season will be over by the time he makes it to training camp
  2. If you can be the best player of your era at a position and not get in the HOF then your position should probably just be eliminated from the game
  3. If both parties only recently became aware of the problem then there's no way adverse possession is going to apply. If another survey confirms the problem then I think the only way it is going to be resolved to avoid future problems would be to negotiate a sale of a small portion of his lot to you. This is something where title insurance should probably come into play, but that shit is completely useless.
  4. Do you live in hood that's full of Karankawas?
  5. I listened to the aggy game on the aggy radio network driving home from Austin today. Holy shit it was like listening to a west Texas 3A high school broadcast.
  6. I just got home from Austin and turned on this game to see OU tied with WV and some sooner kid on the tv flashing the horns down.
  7. I've been taking both my younger ones to the games, including the OU game), since they were 3 and 4. They learned from an early age that you stayed until the EOT was sung. My son lost interest as soon as he could stay home by himself, but my daughter is still a diehard fan.
  8. That is not a Catch-22 situation. A Catch-22 situation is an impossible situation because you cannot do one thing until you do another thing, but you cannot do the second thing until you do the first thing.
  9. I went through that diverticulitis shit a few months ago. That shit is painful. So far I've had that, shingles, and passed four kidney stones. I think I could probably go to India and do that walking on burning coals test without flinching now.
  10. That is an insult to trade schools. I know plenty of people with trade school educations and they are quite good at fixing my AC or stopping a plumbing leak.
  11. I like the 11:00 kick for the OU game. I always go with my daughter and we go to the game and then spend the rest of the day at the fair. We don't need to be drunk at the game and are not hung over from the night before so getting there in time for an 11:00 am kick is easy.
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