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  1. I’ve never seen a javelina riding a bike
  2. Well I hope all the National Guard troops are wearing clean skivvies because based on the list of banned items that's all they're going to be allowed to bring
  3. Yes, but apparently he doesn't pay tax when he buys stuff
  4. Does that mean we have to keep three?
  5. You fuckers have made me hungry for a bag of Fritos now. I'm going by the house for lunch to have Fritos and a leftover meatloaf sandwich.
  6. This is actually the best Wyatt Earp movie. James Garner wins the prize for playing Wyatt in two movies.
  7. It would be pretty cool if Sam and Shane both got invites.
  8. It makes it easier to succeed in life if you set your expectations low
  9. A little chili and cheese and you have a meal
  10. You can buy a lot of damn fine snatch for $85K. They'll leave when you ask then too also.
  11. I already have one near Anson Jones' grave. If the one you have is next to someone more famous maybe I'll trade you.
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