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  1. It reads like a tech level education wrote it
  2. I tried one with the kids a while back and we had the same comments
  3. Stadium officials ejected the fan for bringing in outside food
  4. The NCAA should issue a statement that for purposes of the postseason the RPI will be calculated as if the games had been played
  5. I think after part 2 is released we will see this show up in the casting misses thread
  6. Maybe, but I wouldn't drive behind him on the freeway
  7. That explains why they all suffer from hull cracking and have been placed under speed restrictions and prohibited from operating in any high seas
  8. I predict the seeding in Arlington will be (assuming we sweep KU, which may be going out on a limb) 1 OSU 2 TCU 3 TT 4 UT 5 WVU 6 OU 7 KSU 8 BU I think we need to win our first 2 games against WVU and OSU in order to host.
  9. So what you are saying is the house is now worth at least $100K more than you paid for it
  10. Well you have his phone number, use it
  11. As long as they show the 1969 UT Arkie game every few months on the SEC channel I'm good
  12. I think I would rather spend an evening sitting on the toilet surfing surly than getting an enema. However, I'm no NowThis. To each his/her own.
  13. Our predicted RPI based on winning out is now 18 versus 24 before Tuesday's game.
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