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  1. How else are girls going to prepare for their future if you ban the manual?
  2. Too late. Brisket told him to offer to cup the balls for an extra serving of prison strudel.
  3. Need strikers that can actually score. I like Martinelli but he needs to fucking score. Sell Pepe and Lacazette for the $9 they’re worth. Need a leader on the field. Our captain is 23. We need someone who has been through some shit who isn’t afraid to kick these pussies’ asses into understanding that a loss to Spuds is not an option. Need depth all over the field. We lose one key starter and there’s no hope for a victory. Need to hire an entirely new physio team that can keep players healthy.
  4. The cheap ass Hill Country Fare deli pizza for $5 is way better than the more expensive H‑E‑B branded one.
  5. How much electricity will it take to mine that last coin? All of it?
  6. Completely on Arteta. If one thing you can count on is us shitting the bed when it matters.
  7. McCallum has had a steady 3-5 per day until today when 19 popped a positive test.
  8. I've watched the first 4. It's a bit like Bosch as written by David E Kelley (which is what it basically is). It's a good easy watch. Sure, somethings are a bit nonsensical but it's still very enjoyable and it moves fast AF.
  9. Mine are in a workshop with no AC. Weird though that all my Ryobi batteries are 3-5+ years old are working like brand new but the E-Go can’t handle the heat.
  10. I may be changing my review of the E-Go. Bought it last summer and used it maybe a half dozen times. No complaints. Used it for the first time two weeks ago and the 7.5AH battery didn’t finish my backyard before dying. My backyard takes a total of maybe 20 minutes to mow. I read online that someone said if you don’t use the battery for 30 days it goes into storage mode and keeps a 30% charge while on the charger. Okay, I guess that explains it. I mow this morning, two weeks later, and I barely finish the backyard before it dies. I charge it for four hours to 100% according to the charger and it barely finished my front yard, another 20 minute mow. I don’t know if I got a dud or this is normal but out of the box I could mow for 40 minutes in less than half a charge and a year later I get 20-25 minutes out of it.
  11. Mudhoney and the Meat Puppets tonight at Antones. Picked up Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction for October at Moody. May have just outed myself as a Gen Xer.
  12. That’s not even a water fountain Gen X schools had. They were usually one of these two and they were cold AF.
  13. Still has that same old easy vibe as the old show. I hope they keep make this forever. One question, who was the chick in the first two episodes who called Honey, mama? I don’t remember her having a daughter.
  14. Nothing is quite as bad as in the final battle of the first Avengers movie and Scarlett Jo’s attempt at running. Looks just like a fat chick in PE class who’d never ran 2 steps in her life. It gets over looked because she’s hot and at least you can look at her ass in the shot.
  15. 3 minutes of absolute perfection. The pit goes wild every goddamn time.
  16. Took the 9YO in for a test this morning due to symptoms. Came back positive for flu A. Apparently, the flu burned through a bunch of kids in April, went into a lull, and came back with a vengeance this week.
  17. How can you see what’s going and think “you know, now’s the time to join up with these chucklefucks. Their inspiring competence in leadership and action is exactly what we need.” Georgia may just let them go and raise their national IQ average by 20 points.
  18. There appears to be a lot available in Amazon with both Prime and Same Day delivery.
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