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Rippin’ Classics

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Got this idea from the Bob Seger thread, specifically responding to the to @SwanderedTalent’s post about “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”, post your classic rock songs that just fucking rip.  Stuff you just can’t turn off, or hear too many times.  Doesn’t have to be the Rolling Stone Top 100 of all time, could just be one of those overlooked gems that helps define rock ‘n roll.  

Good God, how much acid was Steve on in this one?? 

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Well, I sure wouldn't want to follow Brad Delp on vocals. I saw Boston on their second tour, and holy shit that guy could sing.

Now, the drummer needs to take the fucking tempo from Tom.  Know your role, dude.  They got back on it, though.  No harm, no foul.

I honestly can't remember if I ever saw REO, which is funny, because I grew up about 5 hours away from Champaign, and all those IL/MO bands used to canvas the area relentlessly.

Now, Gary Richrath.  HE was a guitar player's guitar player.  What a crying shame that he chose the bottle.  Man, that guy.  I'd take him over 10 Neal Schon's any day.

That song is literally a glimpse into my freshman year of high school.  REO, KISS, Rush, Styx, I was so fucking bought into AOR (album oriented rock).




Fuckin' A.


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I saw REO on the 9 Lives tour in 1979.  I had 4 tickets and had to give the other 3 away because no one left in my little shit-hole town knew who they wear.  But I conned Chuck, Daryl and Brandon in to going with me. I think tickets were $9.

I found out about REO at a keg party my sophomore year in 1977 when David Cope had the 8 track of the 1977 live album blaring from his silver, 1972 Hurst Edition 442.  Jensens and a Pioneer Super Fucking Tuner.  Young, little Hulla, standing by a burn barrel and keg, just soaking in the magic of the older girls, the music, weed and general atmosphere.  

Yep...that night made a mark on my musical bearings and if I could transport back, I'd be gone right now.

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