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2021 Drunk Thread


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Had to work last night so didn’t get a chance to get fukd up during the game. So I’m trying to make up for it tonight. I despise IPAs but yet…here I am.
I saw the 9% and put my disdain aside. It tastes like shit but it’s getting the job done. I’ll finish this sixer and carry the buzz out with some Dobel.

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Starting the night with 32 oz of Joe Ts skinny margarita. 22ae4680052a7eefcb9a01f1c54bafc9.jpg

Then probably gonna sail the high seas with my friend Sailor Jerry. I’m prolly gonna get obliviated. But I haven’t commiserated with The Sailor since my oilfield days. Going on 4 years now. It’s time we catch up.

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19 minutes ago, Hate said:

Where are the Friday night drunks?  I'm starting to find my groove after the first two drinks.

I got half in the bag in the SEZ tonight.  But I was smart and left my car parked there by the tailgate so I have a place to pass out in the morning during the tailgate.  

I just need somebody to give me a ride down there in the morning.  I am willing to pay as much as $3 and some gas station wine on the way.

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