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  1. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.
  2. All right, it’s Friday now. Flush that one and let’s get this thing rolling. Go ‘Stros!
  3. About 30 minutes outside of Baton Rouge headed to New Orleans on I-10 (and about an hour from New Orleans headed back) at exit 182 there’s a tourist trap in Sorrento called the Cajun Village with numerous older houses converted to little shops selling antiques/hot sauce/souvenirs. But they also have a coffee shop that serves breakfast and lunch - their beignets and coffee are delicious for breakfast, but the real attraction for me is their “shrimp bouree” on the lunch menu. It’s one of their beignets (not covered in powered sugar) stuffed/smothered with a legit shrimp etoufee and it’s ridiculously awesome - or at least it was last time I was there a couple of years ago. May need a short nap before getting back behind the wheel after that but worth it.
  4. Looks like someone from Bally’s Sports SW mistakenly took the Uvalde HS logo with the U and howling coyote and changed the colors from maroon to purple for Anna for the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen. Doesn’t seem to be jinxing Anna though - totally dominating this one.
  5. Gonna be some growing pains but damn sure gonna be fun to watch. Go Spurs Go!
  6. I know you're partial to convenient stores, but dammit, H.I., the sun doesn't rise and set on the corner grocery.
  7. Bring back having the players wear their own team’s uniforms - always liked seeing that as opposed to generic all-star unis for American/National Leagues. Yeah, I know, merch sales yada yada yada. Now you get kids get off my lawn/yells at cloud.
  8. Roadhouse - start with how Dalton goes from NYU to bouncer (just lucky I guess), learns how to kick ass from Wade Garrett, kills the dude in Memphis.
  9. This place reminds me of Santa's workshop. Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me.
  10. Would add Etta James to any list of best female singers - such power and soul.
  11. Marty Robbins’ “El Paso” in Breaking Bad series finale (episode appropriately titled as “Felina”).
  12. Phil : What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered? Ralph : That about sums it up for me.
  13. Thirsty for Hot Action with Miners
  14. Go ‘Stros! Let’s just go ahead and win another World Series.
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