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  1. "Biden is a laughingstock around the globe" (cites domestic opinion poll) Here's a different poll that measures... World opinion of Biden. https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2023/06/27/international-views-of-biden-and-u-s-largely-positive/#:~:text=Attitudes toward Biden&text=Majorities in about half of,%2C Greece%2C France and Spain.
  2. She had siblings. I'm related to her through her uncle Daniel Parker
  3. Loads of Christian symbolism in that scene, including the bread offered with love and joy: Dot insisted he wash his hands before breaking bread (cleansing of sins) She used milk and honey in the bisquick (refers to Exodus and a promised land for the jews fleeing persecution) I loved the last scene
  4. The dudes declared bankruptcy 4-5 times so far selling gambling, steak, and football to Americans. He's shameless and his followers are gullible. He would do.it again and they wouldn't care
  5. 3:30 "and then Texas wins and gets in because they only lost to one team and then vanquished that same team in destroying them and winning the Big 12 Championship..." Your national sports media ladies & gentlemen
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/gop-congressman-says-santos-personally-defrauded-mother-rcna127611 Defrauding the guy voting on whether he keeps his job
  7. Worst Buds ever Bud Adams Bud Selig Bud Hitler
  8. Fucking hell, can we agree that to "defund" something means to allocate less funding towards it? And if so... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/joe-biden-defund-the-police-position
  9. Ya think? Dude sounds like fuckin Steve Urkel
  10. It's a good idea in theory, but you know some choads are just gonna neg bomb everything someone posted in every forum based on a comment they made in CR. Hell it's already happening.
  11. Ok.... How is that slightly less dumb mofo still wishing veterans a Happy Memorial Day?
  12. How the fuck is that dumb mofo STILL wishing veterans a Happy Memorial Day?
  13. Well, Ken is taking over while Mayim takes some time off the show out of solidarity with the writers on strike. My wife is convinced the producers asked her to take a break after she went on Celebrity Wheel this week. She was acting like she was on coke.
  14. Good journalism isn't presenting both sides. Its calling out bullshit when a candidate spews bullshit. It wouldn't be good journalism to televise a panel of flat earthers, and it isn't good to present a forum for election conspiracies.
  15. I know. A disturbingly large number of Texans are too.
  16. The wall was a uniquely Trumpian policy in 2015. That's how he separated himself from Jeb, Rubio, et al. In 2023 immigrant bashing is de rigueur for a GOP candidate. Had to go to my Dad's last weekend to help him re-tarp his koi pond. My brother had to bring up politics and in the middle of what passed for a discussion I asked my (completely batshit lost in the right wing grift-o-sphere) dad this very question when he laid the "'Trump is a little unpolished sometimes but his policies are PERFECT!!!" line. I wanted to know what policy he supported that was specifically and uniquely Trumpian rather than a policy every generic R supports. His answer? Trump will fire everyone in the FBI and clean up the deep state. My Dad wants a special military squad beholden to Trump with the power to arrest, detain, and kill. Shockingly he's also a big DeSantis supporter.
  17. Holy Shit. I've seen Animal House 100 times and never put it together that Faber College is in Tennessee.
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