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Shotgunning beers - Videos only


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Just now, NorthLoop said:

JFC you shotgunned a Lawnmower? Damn son.... shotguns are usually for meeler lites or whatnot. I would be impressed but you spilled half of it before you even started. 

I’d do something lighter but that’s all I got in the fridge, it was between that and a Crawford bock. And ya the whole bite the can thing wastes like a quarter of the beer but looks bad ass so….

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51 minutes ago, Pato del Muerto said:

You still, 2 months on, haven’t learned to pull the tab out some before you flip it and open the belly so it’s easy to open?

it’s like playing cards with my kids. 

It’s a fine line. Crack it too much and you lose some of the carbonation left in there or it leaks out the top. Also it’s easier when shotgunning in a group, everyone is focused on their own beer, lot of pressure shotgunning Solo on video. I’ll shotgun another to show y’all some progress

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