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1 hour ago, elfenix said:

#Heardle #29



You're killing it with the 90s and early 00s shit that no one wants to ever listen to again. Saying that because I'm jealous and compensating for my own lack of musical knowledge. 

I did know the sample for this one. Didn't know the actual track. 

On 3/24/2022 at 6:34 AM, Scraps said:

I knew i was gonna guess the wrong song first cause i get all their shit mixed up even when i know every lyric lol

I was born in 95. Linkin Park is wheelhouse. Give me 1 second of any of their 15ish hits and I probably get it. 

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My mother would not approve of these lyrics. 
#Heardle #34
If I were to sing this in traffic, I would have to definitely sing it out wisely.  

Lol....i guess a different song that has "worse" lyrics first. I just knew who it was because distinct voice

#Heardle #34


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14 hours ago, Buzzrock said:

This entire site should nail this one in one second

#Heardle #37



Yeah that was one of the easier ones so far.

This one came to me right as I hit the next hint. I'll give myself a 2.5.

#Heardle #38



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