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9 hours ago, slorch said:

Musical knockoff of Wordle game.  I dig stuff like this

#Heardle #18



I recognized the song from the first time segment…

But I have no idea who the band is, no idea what the song is called, and no idea what any of the lyrics are. 

I have definitely heard it many times, but rarely listen to lyrics and never obtain music. 

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Posted (edited)

I didn't recognize the 16 seconds at all.  No clue who it is, and I can't figure out how to give up so to speak.

EDIT:  figured it out; I know who that is but am more of a fan of his acting than music

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I didn't get today's until the full snippet.  It dawned on me that I've never heard that song in any kind of quiet or normal setting where you pick up that fairly subtle intro.  I've heard that song a million times, but it's just never caught me attention until the chorus.  Which is how a lot of her songs are in my brain, I realized.

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welp I thought it would be emo music that would do me in, but I was wrong..... this is the one that did me in because I don't listen to that artist or type of music at all.  I obviously know the artist, but just not my style.  

If it would have been the other persons version I would have nailed it lol 

Not that I would have gotten it anyway, but the other problem is I fucking got another song locked in my head after the 1 sec mark that I could not unhear, which was obviously not correct. 

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