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On 7/8/2022 at 8:21 PM, Scraps said:


Yeah ok

Pretty crazy "coincidence" how some of those teams ended up. Tyson with the one person who was pissed off at him.  Cinco-Cash.  Xavier and Azah, who seem to have a bit a problem with each other.  If I'm that Amazing Race team, I'm wondering if the producers have it out for me.   They threw them together as a sacrificial lamb to be picked by the winners.  Turns out, they sucked so bad it didn't matter. 

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Yeah he said something stupid as fuck....as usual

According to a podcast with one of the Challengers, finding out this week that none of the women want to work with him and everyone thinks he’s a joke was a wake up call. We’re gonna see a “ whole different Leo” going forward. We shall see.
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2 hours ago, shadow_operative said:

derek and his partner deserved to lose. all they had to do was stack their tires in a sensible way and it would have been an easy win. i expected more from derek there. 

Whatever helps Enzo win I'm good for.  Derek going home was just an added bonus

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1 hour ago, Scraps said:

TJ should have ripped them all for not using the sprayers....fucking stupid.

I wish sara would have been able to go in and get her ass beat by Enzo lmao.

If you aren't listening to Tyson's podcast, you're missing out on some inside dirt.  He said production was extremely pissed that they weren't blasting each other in the face.   Tyson's thoughts on it were, "then set the game up right so we have some motivation to blast each other in the face."  He's got a point.  What is Angela's motivation to sabotage her closest ally in the house?  He actually went first and showed everybody the cheat code.  They figured out after he went that it would be more helpful to blast the runway and try to wash off as much soap as they could.  That's why Angela was the only one spraying water directly into the lake instead of on the runway.  

My opinion is production needs to step their game up.  In the regular challenge, you have maybe three people smart enough and motivated to figure out the challenge cheat codes.  Wes, Devin, and Kam.  The rest of the Challengers have the mental aptitude of a potato.  This Challenge has about 10 Devins, so this basic bullshit isn't going to work on them.  

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On 8/25/2022 at 9:55 PM, shadow_operative2.0 said:

How ‘bout Leo not even being there at the end? Imagine what he would say if Fessy pulled that shit. 

He would probably say "I hope you recover quickly from your concussion".  You've been victimized by Frankenediting.  That did not go down that way at all apparently.  Leo was on his way to the hospital and that clip of Leo after the challenge wasn't actually from after the challenge.  

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