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2022 Fuck Fantasy Football


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Yahoo wiped out the points earned by players in the suspended game, since NFL determined it never happened. The one dude just got screwed out of the championship.

Only two things I can think of they could have done. Allow players in those lineups that got screwed to earn points in week 18, or retroactively substitute players in the week 17 lineup with players on the bench. The latter would have been sketchy. And week 18 players may be resting. 

It cost me some points, but I ended up the same, winner of both consolation brackets when both teams should have been in the playoffs. So a meh... season with a lot of shitty luck.

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On 1/4/2023 at 11:09 PM, Assman said:

Our dumbass commish made Week 18 the championship, therefore last weekend was the semis.  I'm up 7 with my opponent having Allen and the Buf D.  In the other game, one team is up 16 with the opponent having Higgins and McPherson.  Since we can't just split the pot or use Week 18 points to determine, we've decided to just wipe the slate clean and use Week 18 points to decide 1-4. 

And I won this week, making me the champ as a 5-8 #8 seed.  I also won my other league as a 5-7 #8 seed.  Just more proof that the waiver wire is just as important as the draft.

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Copied from another thread based on a suggestion:

I’m in a playoff pool where the participants pick a lineup at each stage with the caveat being you can only select a player one time.

This is only my second year playing in a pool like this, so I’m interested in hearing/discussing any strategy. 

There are multiple layers of complexity when selecting a lineup (e.g., likelihood of generating fantasy points vs. not advancing, probability of scoring more points in the earlier rounds vs. the conference championship or Super Bowl, saving a player who ends up not advancing). 

Has anyone done one of these playoff pools?

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On 1/9/2023 at 8:46 AM, TXSooner518 said:

8 teams making playoffs is idiotic unless there are big advantages to the top seeds or this is like a 16 team league, which given 5-8 teams are making the playoffs, I'm guessing it isn't. 

I have a 12 team league and we have 8 making the playoffs. Typically the top teams end up winning but I could see the value of rewarding the top 2 teams with a bye.

I went 12-1 over the season and had a absolute dominate team... almost lost in the semis but did get back to the Championship. Had similar situation as above where I was down by about 30 points going into MNF but had Josh Allen. ESPN projected me a big underdog but we settled on a split and co champs since he did not have that opportunity. My first championship in the league so I'll take it even with an asterisk

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Won my league easily over a 2 week championship round. I had Josh Allen and Tyler Bass. He had Burrow and Diggs. Would have likely been a wash points wise and it never even came up. 

I bet some leagues are still trying to figure it out. Bizarre situation. 

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