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Political Cartoons - The Politics Thread.


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On 5/19/2018 at 2:41 PM, Onboard 2.0 said:

Yeah, that was common then for sure, I'm talking about post WWII really. I just can't seem to recall seeing that connection in our world today.

"Cultural marxism" being a Jewish conspiracy meant to extirpate American society's Christian roots is still a common meme among hardcore antisemites.  


The Barnes Review's nearly annual conferences also provide an opportunity to market TBR's materials and ideology ‚ÄĒ and are nonsectarian in regards to all manner of extremism. In past years, paying attendees could listen to lectures by longtime anti-Semite Eustace Mullins, antigovernment conspiracy-monger (and former FBI official) Ted Gunderson, and neo-Nazi Alex Hassinger, who runs Nordwave, a Florida group that calls itself "The Voice of National Socialism." Hutton Gibson, an anti-Semitic "radical traditionalist Catholic" and the father of actor Mel Gibson's, was extremely popular during the 2003 conference.¬†

Even some more supposedly mainstream individuals have participated in what is really a Willis Carto show. William Lind of the Free Congress Foundation, a far-right outfit headed by Paul Weyrich (one of the founders of the Moral Majority), gave a speech at the 2002 conference. Although he told his audience that his Free Congress Foundation was "not among those who question whether the Holocaust occurred," he went on to lay blame for "political correctness" and other evils on so-called "cultural Marxists," who turned out to be the same folks Carto blames for America's ills. "These guys," Lind explained, "were all Jewish."


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On 6/15/2018 at 9:31 AM, GhostOfTomJoad said:

The cartoonist (Rob Rogers) has been fired from the Pittsburgh paper he worked at for this type of work. The AAS should hire him today.81e4bdac12cdfefc5b3224da556e202a.jpg

Kinda disappointed that every newspaper in North America and Europe didn't run that cartoon the next day. 

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