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If You Were Booking An Act...


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7 minutes ago, rungeflash said:

No slight intended, just a simple vocal preference 

Well, yeah, by any slightly objective measure, Orr had the "better" voice.  I always thought Ocasek's performances were aces, though.  Just weird enough to take some of the pop edge off those songs.

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Who is your audience? What sort of music do you want.  I like .38 special but do I see them filling a 4500 person venue?  Probably not?

If you are allocating $50K fro up front band expense that is $11 a seat. If it's a complete sell out!

i would maximize other potential areas of revenue if possible depending on the venue.

1) food and drink are those solely the venues?

2) parking

3) sell sponsorships for shirts or whatever you need to supply for the event.  


Again I am figuring out my audience first.  I figure the first band is... Suede...  




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On 12/19/2022 at 11:25 AM, ROFL BOX said:


  • Memorial Day Weekend 2023 (Friday AND possibly a Saturday night... maybe one band for Friday & another for Saturday - def. not the same band back to back).
  • Venue can seat up to 4,500.
  • Artist / Act needs to supply their own PA / lights (current sound situation sucks).
  • Venue is in Central Texas.
  • "Green Room" will be a reasonably nice 30 ft. camper with slide(s).  Artist / act can supply their own bus if preferred.
    "NORMAL" contract riders provided (food, drink, etc + possible meet & greet spaces, security, etc)
  • Funds raised are for a 501©3.
  • Booking fee would hopefully be $ 25,000.00 or less.

Looking for suggestions on an act that will put butts in seats but not break the bank.  I already know of 2 groups & prices will range for them anywhere from $ 25,000.00 to +$ 50,000.00; one of them already priced is a somewhat well known cover band, the other is a somewhat up & coming but still national touring group with all originals & the occasional cover (filling time is not needed, those covers are for esoteric / fun close the show uses)... for the 2nd, think where the Randy Rogers Band was maybe 10 years ago.

With this kind of money you’d think you could pay @Born to Run for those toll fees you racked up 

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Colin Hay (former frontman from Men at Work) is in that price range.  I have seen him 1x "for hire" at One World and another time at the Paramount.  Great talent.  Great storyteller.

As others have implied, you're kinda fucked if you are expecting bargain guys to show up w/ a tier 1 PA.

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Get one of those top tier cover bands. It’s impossible to please everyone if you pick a single band, and for a party like that you want crowd pleasers. Out of the price range I’m sure, but I saw Royal Machines (formerly Camp Freddy) at a corporate function and it was great. Mark McGrath emceed, and the band featured Slash, Billy Gibbons (I got to shake his hand later), Billy Idol, Robin Zander and more. Another year that same function got Blink 182 and everyone was bored after they played the three or four songs everyone knew. 

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