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2023 College Baseball Showdown Weekend Thread

Horny Bull

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2 minutes ago, TexArcher said:

Part of me is saying $30 for three really good Longhorn baseball games when I've been jonesing for months is not a bad deal.

The other part of me is saying don't reward this bullshit ass PPV business model when we have our own god damned network that I'm already paying for.

If it was Zeke and Zonk and high production values I would pay it in a second...

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3 minutes ago, OB3 said:

What’s the new rule change Keith is talking about? You can’t pickoff 2 times in a row?

There seem to be a lot of these new rules designed to speed up the game and I take it they might be a bit controversial. I am sure we will all be very familiar with all of them as the season goes on.

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2 minutes ago, Valmy77 said:

It is 2014 all over again....for two innings anyway.

Eh the 2014 team couldn’t hit a beach ball when they were off. At least we’re making contact. Also good to see Daly put some solid contact on that.

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