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  1. I'm not sure I can get past their food HSOs. Monty doesn't really like cheese and Mino hates red meat. He hasn't had a steak since HS and doesn't think he could handle one, hasn't had a burger in about two years. I think all of my favorite foods are red meat or cheese based.
  2. Between the plug and the outlet? Was it just barely plugged in? I can’t imagine a scenario where this could happen if an appliance were simply plugged in right. (Obviously I’m assuming she was responsible for this as well)
  3. Would love to hear Work in Progress or Cirque more than just on weekends...but that would make for a really long day for Mino and guys like him that work everyday shifts already.
  4. Both working from home and keeping the sixteen month old home from daycare...there have never been more dishes used in this house in our entire lives. I'm constantly doing dishes and run the dishwasher at least once a day. (I know, I know...she should be running once a day anyway.) But she just never stops making it worse. The kid is eating real food these days, but needs it all cut up into bite size pieces. I get it, no problem. This morning she used a roughly 7" chef's knife to cut up a microwaved waffle for the kid. Both cutting board and knife have been sitting on the kitchen island since 8am. Neither seem particularly dirty. Lunch comes around and she then apparently pulled out a 9" carving knife (like we would use on Thanksgiving) and a whole new cutting board to cut up the kid's turkey sandwich. They are both now sitting next to the previously barely used knife and cutting board. WTF? Can she not see them? Did it need a whole new giant knife? Is it physically impossible for her to clean these and put them away when she's done? I just don't understand.
  5. You mean shenanigans!?
  6. I've noticed over the last month or so Jr. has stopped saying "Die" when Fake Natalie Maines calls in during ebrake voting. I wonder if he's just thought better of it or if someone told him to cut it out.
  7. If ya got big boobs let me hear from ya!
  8. I know the D is the biggest. I've based my whole life on knowing that the D is the biggest.
  9. Every cult, in the end, basically boils down to the main guy getting to sleep with as many underage girls or boys as he wants.
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