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  1. Most important thing I learned about using the kamado for slow and low cooking was not to rush the fire. Now I use one tumbleweed lighter and give myself and hour to get the fire steady at my cooking temp.
  2. I used a Band It tennis elbow band and it worked great. Wore it anytime I used my right arm: swimming, yard work, etc. It keeps the tendon from pulling on the elbow allowing the inflammation and pain to subside.
  3. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/politics/austin-land-development-code-opposition-protest/269-c67bd1b2-1235-4553-b7bf-3b90a7ccf64b
  4. Good to know about hiking up from the boat launch. I fish up and down from the Steps most of the time. I may see what's running this weekend.
  5. Find some live music - nothing like music to lift the soul. Doesn't have to be fancy or costly. Central Market used to have a playground outside and musicians would play nearby on the patio on the weekends.
  6. That's were I am as well. Saw Public Enemy, EPMD, and a few others open for RUN-DMC in 1989.
  7. Not if you rub one out every night before going to bed already. Then you must to avoid skewing the results.
  8. I'm 6'4" and I dread the possibility of the person sitting in front of me reclining the seat, but that's my problem. If that guy had been doing that to me, they would have removed me from the plane in handcuffs when the plane landed. Fuck him!
  9. Started rewatching the last half of season 4 to regain my bearings. Looking forward to the switch to Saul Goodman.
  10. Agreed. And believable arcs. IMHO, the best thing they did was to keep Jessie as a character and wean him off being just a drug addled dumbass.
  11. That's 26th Street. And I think it was named after Diane Keaton.
  12. I'd like to think that is somewhere on the campus of a&m. Damn grass worshippers.
  13. I suspect the quote included a variation of the word fuck. Likely an adjective or adverb.
  14. When Leon said he doesn't tell anyone his height or weight because that's giving a description, I nearly fell off the couch. Great episode.
  15. At some point The Lizard Lounge closed and was replaced by Polly Esters. Austin dies shortly before that.
  16. Tejas Burger Joint in Tomball is legit. Burgers are smoked, so it marginally fits the category. After awesome burger and onion rings, stopped by Tejas and picked up a pound of moist brisket, two chilie relleno links, and four servings of carrot souffle for dinner tonight.
  17. Never knew that was an option. Thanks for the info.
  18. Last I read, it the building was supposed to remain with the development wrapping around it. The owner of the barbecue joint had plans to reopen after construction, but I'd be surprised if that happens.
  19. At least five of the TM Top 50 have closed in the less than three years since the article: Blue Moon BBQ, Top 5 BBQ, Rio Grande Grill BBQ, The Granary 'Cue & Brew, and Freedmen's. Of course, there are more than enough worthy places on the TM New 25 to fill the void. Of the few new places I've tried, these will certainly make the next list: LeRoy & Lewis, Panther City BBQ, and Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue.
  20. Daniel Vaughn reporting that Blue Moon BBQ is closing for good due to health issues and ongoing road construction. We only went once, mainly because their location was so far off the beaten path, but food was great and the people were so nice.
  21. I'd much rather watch shows without my wife. When we watch a series together it takes forever. Alone, I can watch at my own pace and whenever I have time. I've watched Breaking Bad twice, both times without her. In between, she watched all but the last half of Season 5. During my second run through the series, she asked me to tell her when I was at Season 5 so she could finish the series. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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