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  1. Usually as a short form of buenos dias, etc.
  2. Jerry Callo

    Getting old sucks

    Shouldn't you be focusing on GILFs or GGILFs?
  3. Looks like a hybrid cross between a skullet and an afrullet.
  4. Common Myths on Coral Snakes including why identifying with the rhyme isn't a great idea.
  5. We just added coverage for specific jewelery to our regular homeowners insurance. Not sure what it costs, it paid off the first time the wife lost her engagement ring. Make sure you have jewelry appraised at least every 5 years. We got burned because our appraisal was over a decade old and the replacement was much more expensive.
  6. Bad things happen when M16 with the assistance of the CIA stage a coup in 1953.
  7. IIRC, no one has died in Texas from a coral snake bite since the development of antivenin. Most people get bit by corals when they try to handle them.
  8. Pretty sure that Demi Moore did before her stripper movie.
  9. That's a great song - of course I was in high school when Less Than Zero came out. I played it last night for my girls.
  10. Take away - finish watching Schitt's Creek and start watching Succession.
  11. You can be a leader or a follower. Of course, you can do either very poorly.
  12. If you're curious about the HEB True Texas BBQ locations.
  13. In my sophomore year in high school, my buddies and I were hanging out in the parking lot of Taco Bell. A beer distribution truck came to a screeching halt at the red light in front of us, back door swung open, and roughly two and a half case of Coors Extra Gold feel out onto the street. Ran up to the driver to let him know and he told us we could keep the beer if we closed the trailer door. Two and a half cases of free beer as a 15 year old would probably fall into the "best beer" category.
  14. Also a great pick. A couple years ago they had rum barrel and tequila barrel aged versions which were terrible. Every bourbon barrel version I've tried is great.
  15. Daughter had to fill out the online form for transcripts - Parchment. It has all kinds of questions with ridiculous multiple choice answers. How would you describe your scholarly activities (a) did the bare minimum (b) National Merit Scholar Semifinalist (c) National Merit Scholar Finalist (d) National Merit Scholar. Pretty big gap between "did the bare minimum" and National Merit stuff. I hate this crap.
  16. You should be able to Google [year] Subaru [model] ac wiring diagram to figure out what the wires go to. Most diagrams will identify the wires by color. As an example: ETA: I'm a Google/YouTube certified mechanic.
  17. About the same. Wife and two kids in braces back-to-back-to-back.
  18. Rats aren't likely able to chew through anything carrying freon. Start by replacing those wires.
  19. Deschutes Black Butte XXIX - 29th Birthday Reserve.
  20. Ok, I guess it's sufficiently rated.
  21. That's why I gave the caveat. I'd never heard of it and never heard anyone talk about it.
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