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  1. he's not in the ground yet. got to lay in state in a bunch of buildings yer. stupid cunt. Are you saying that photo isn't real?
  2. Picked up one of these for lunch after seeing it on my social media feed for the last few days. Outstanding.
  3. She'll die because she's older than dirt, not because of Prince Phillip. He's been a royal pain in her royal ass for three-quarters of a century.
  4. Ash Juniper imparts a substantial bark on your smoked meat.
  5. I do not want to see AR has permanent host, but apparently he does.
  6. If you're going to feel bad, it'll be tomorrow. Good luck.
  7. Any lodging recommendations for outside of the Quarter? St. Charles, Magazine, etc. Looking at heading over there for a long weekend in a couple weeks. Our first trip since Katrina, so its been a while.
  8. That's the worse kind - they don't give a shit about anything.
  9. And that man was Art Vandelay.
  10. Jimmie Rodgers does Jimmie Rodgers Bill Monroe does Jimmie Rodgers Dolly Parton does Jimmie Rodgers
  11. I hope to never see Dr. Oz again - his voice and mannerisms are a beating.
  12. I received my 2nd Moderna on Wednesday - felt like crap on Thursday afternoon and evening. Wife gets 2nd Pfizer this Friday. 18 yo daughter received her 1st Moderna on Friday. 16 yo daughter gets her 1st Pfizer on Wednesday. Whole house will be fully vaccinated by the end of the month. Lest there be anyone from densely populated urban centers that think vaccines are easy to come by in Texas - here's a breakdown of my experience with the vaccine system: I spent 10+ hours getting my elderly mother vaccinated - driving to and from vaccine appointments; waiting two and a half hours f
  13. My wife's friend that let her try a $300 fucking hairdryer.
  14. Best movie I've seen all month. I hope they put a grate or something over the hole to the middle of the earth, though. Seems dangerous.
  15. Would be the exact opposite in my house if the dog had a rain jacket. Wife asks if the dog is wearing it's rain jacket . . . fuck that shit, its a damn dog.
  16. And that's when the big bucks start rolling in.
  17. I never had an album or anything, but I probably know every word to most of the popular Culture Club songs. I usually turn the radio up and sing along when they come on.
  18. Got my second Moderna shot today. Wife is waiting on her second Pfizer in a couple week. 1st daughter gets her first Moderna on Friday. Just trying to get second daughter her Pfizer shots scheduled.
  19. I'm getting same thing from AT&T via email. Change in terms of service (which I suspect no one reads). If you ever want to sue AT&T, you'll have to bring an action in arbitration instead of court. I would call customer service to see if you can find someone to negotiate the terms of service with - its really just an open invitation to haggle.
  20. Chody has been charged in Williamson County. Whatever his role was while he was in Travis county probably does not rise to the level of criminal prosecution. I could be surprised, though.
  21. Sugar cravings hit last night and I ate a dozen or so little butter cookies. I've tried to eliminate sugar cravings by removing artificially sweetened foods/drinks from my diet (like coke zero and keto snacks). I just started adding a few strawberries and blackberries daily and I'm afraid they triggered the sugar craving. I'm going to cut those out for a while.
  22. A story like that is suppose to start with "I never thought something like this would happen to me . . ." username and avatar check out.
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