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On 6/4/2021 at 4:49 PM, mr. sunshine said:

The documentary Beyond the Mat came out over 20 years ago and Jake the Snake is still alive. Amazing 

Have you watched The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts? Really, really good. It's remarkable that the guy is still around and doing well. Still as articulate as ever. 

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On 6/4/2021 at 2:16 PM, Deej said:

Asking your daughter make Pina Coladas for some random 9 year old girl "travelling" with you? 


Dude it’s the same guy that fathered Jake when his mother was 13. Just a fucking horrible person.

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I was pretty much over wrestling by the Ultimate Warrior era, but I will say during the last 20 minutes of the Biography show, it got mighty dusty in my house. 

It seemed to paint a much more complex picture of the man than the Dark Side of the Ring episode. 

Sad that he died as soon as he found his best life. 




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Grizzly Smith was giant piece of shit that has led to tragic lives of all his children. Just devastation that continues to haunt him. No telling how many victims he had on the road. Just stopping along the way and picking up random 14 year old girls for the weekend. What's even more fucked up is the parents that would willingly let them go with him. He groomed the parents as well as the kids.

Last night's on the Dynamite Kid was really good. I wasn't as familiar with him since he was before my time. A lot of parallels between between he and Benoit are remarkable. 

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52 minutes ago, closetohumping said:

Man, this Dark Side of the Ring is incredible.  Watching the Montreal Screw Job.  Holy shit.

Agreed now Dark Side of Football has to be done by different people cause it’s fucking terrible in comparison.  

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