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  1. Yea, Suarez is no doubt. Amazing how the game moves without Suarez bitch ass flopping all over the field.
  2. Korea actually looking better than Uruguay!!
  3. Landscape/Irrigation supply places like Ewing are where all the light installation companies get theirs...Not necessarily cheap though.
  4. Will a grand or 2 get anything worthwhile? Wanting to start with something relatively inexpensive just to see where to go from there... How is ATN? I noticed they just opened a store in the mall, is it worth giving them a look?
  5. fluff


    Not sure if true, but rumor is Parkinson's. Could be somewhat true and why alot of his last concerts he was sitting the entire time.
  6. Anybody checked out any of the videos from the Zach Bryan show last week at Red Rocks? So fucking awesome. Would have been a pretty epic concert to attend. Red Rocks Snow Video
  7. I read or heard somewhere it was around $70MM....No clue if that is anywhere close to what it is.
  8. Without going back through everything, what is the best bang for the buck optic for shooting hogs at night? Have a problem I need to remedy.
  9. Was told that last week by the gal at the Red Wing store over on Brodie in Austin...She claims it is due to very little demand outside Texas and Oklahoma... I will probably just end up with a pair of the 1155s.
  10. Thanks, will give those a look. in regards to the 1178, the lady at the red wing store said they have been discontinued. They still have some in the larger and smaller sizes that aren’t popular, which jives with what is shown online, but apparently arent making any. I have been wearing 1178s since 1994, so sad to see them go.
  11. What is everyone’s goto, everyday boot? Red Wings got rid of my trusty ole frat boot model with the short heel, so I am looking for something new, or I get the red wings with the taller heel. During the winter I wear boots 75% of the time and looking for something like a red wing that will break in well and last a while. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  12. This isn't a bad outfit if you are looking for a day hunt. Got invited on a company hunt here last year and it was pretty awesome. https://www.hondodovehunt.com/rates/ If you go, make sure to stop at Haby's Bakery in Castroville and get you a dozen cowboy cookies for the road.
  13. Headed to Cannon Beach for a week next Friday, can't fucking wait.
  14. Javier’s is good shit. Jalapeño Margs are damn good as well.
  15. Been on 4.5 days of Paxlovid…Sore throat still pretty good but feeling ok otherwise. My biggest issue is this rash that is apparently from Covid. Weird thing is it started about 3 days prior to me testing positive. Has shown up 2 other places on my body, almost starts like poison ivy, now it’s dark red bumps. Fuck this shit.
  16. Good run for me as well. Vaxxed and boosted. Positive just now. Feels like flu coming on. Do I need to go to doctor or ride it out? Or when should one head to the doctor?
  17. First time I have seen this thread or this smoker...Gave up on my offset 2 years ago, now have 2 kids and just hated getting up at 5am to have something decent ready by dinner time. I have been considering the pellet grills but just haven't gotten really excited about any of them. This thing looks like it might be the ticket.
  18. Felt like Nodolny didn’t see enough floor time.
  19. Anybody bought 5 gal jugs of chlorine from Napco in Luling? Thinking about running down there before summer and getting a few 5 gallon jugs. Home Depot and Leslie’s has been hit or miss so thinking of going that route so I don’t have to worry…
  20. In agreement as well. Blessing in disguise.
  21. Kabuki is decent Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you. Blue Sky is decent burger
  22. Irate and sound are great starters today.
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