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Savings account + lottery

Nice Guy Eddie

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From their FAQ



Since the interest isn‚Äôt technically ‚Äúinterest‚ÄĚ - it‚Äôs a ‚Äúsavings bonus‚ÄĚ coming from Yotta, As long as you earn less than $600, we don‚Äôt report anything. It‚Äôs up to you to report the income.

If you earn over $600 in a year from Yotta (savings bonus plus prizes) then we are required to report the income you earned to the IRS.


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Deposited $1,200 and have won $16. However I’m fairly certain that was due to the referral tickets. Thanks everyone. 

One criticism that I have with then as a lottery game is that they’re a bit stingy with the medium level rewards: 5k, 1.5k and 1k. The amounts are generous but they are shareable with others so Yotta locks in a worse case scenario for themselves of 7.5k per week for that range of prizes. And it was only a $2.5k payout last week.

Last week 17 people hit the $1500 prize but won $88 each.

my suggestion to them was a second chance raffle that they if no hits the 5k that week, they randomly pick one person who made a scheduled deposit that week. 


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Started out with 1K and set up an auto $50/wk, but decided over the weekend to push more of my emergency savings into it. Seems likely they will pay better than I was getting at Ally or Marcus.  .6%.

I find my weekly winning attitude is a lot like an A&M team. Feeling good going 2 for 2 on Mon-Tue. Then I have a couple of days where I still match numbers but can't hit 3 on one ticket. Then on Sat-Sun, I win a little bit to make me think next week is the week.


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10 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

Oct: 21%

Nov: 1%

FYI, the high Oct returns were due to that I only deposited 1K initially and many of you used my referral code to earn me free tickets for a week. My earning dropped significantly when the referral tickets dropped off. But I've offset that somewhat by adding more of my own funds.

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2 hours ago, nineliveslost said:

damn, you are doing better than I am. wife hasnt won shit over the last several weeks, says its rigged


1 hour ago, Johnny Chimpo said:

I haven’t won Jack shit either. I won $.36 so far. My real savings is in an online high yield and I don’t see a big reason to make a switch over just yet. 

How much do you have in Yotta? If you have a low amount, your variability in wins is going to be high, with it being low on most weeks. I have 20k there, and I'm seeing a consistent, boring 1.5%. But I still see weekly swings.  If someone has $500, they will most likely have weeks of $0 since they only have 10 tickets. I'm sure some online math whiz has figured out what is the minimum # of tickets to hit the median win %. 

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