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Surly Horns Podcast Season 2 Episode 3 - Featuring RGBIII and Immamac


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Dear Surly Assholes,

We have another episode - packed with the best information from the board. We had a bit of breaking news immediately following the recording and I have put that breaking news segment into the podcast.

This week's podcast focuses on Pruitt being fired, the DC hire, speculation on the LB/ILB hire (fire mike stoops), recruiting, the rona and much more.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording. As always there is a thread for the mailbag and this thread for feedback on the podcast.



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I don't want to judge, but immamac sounds better at eating than RGBIII. 

The best Plucker's flavor was and always will be is Jamaican Jerk. Rest in Power. 

I drank about 8 of Man Sized Beers at Twin Peaks during an Astros day playoff game. 10 Big Beers at Plucker's isn't impossible, but certainly difficult. 

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Gold! Pig hunting, ostrich boots (square or pointed?), Hitler can actually be funny (caption generator post), McDonald’s bags full of cash, Kawasaki, how the fuck does this defense work?, billion fucking Zoom calls, mean ass motherfucker, sometimes you just need an asshole, Mike Stoops...can you imagine the meltdown?, breaking fucking news, fuck, fuck, fuck, god fucking damnit, liquid diarrhea shit in kool aid. 

happy new year smiling GIF

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5 hours ago, RandomIdoit said:

I just got to the part where y’all were saying that you would shut the podcast down if it was Mike Stoops. 😂 And that you weren’t going to talk about him. Then lots of “Fucks” and broken promises to your wife. Classic. 

This was an interesting part.

I listed to the entire podcast before I learned that Choate was hired, but after I had learned that M Stoops would NOT be a coach at UT, so I was able to not lose my shit as I was taking an evening stroll to pick up a lottery ticket and basically get outside.

RGBIII can drink a lot, apparently. (10 big beers while pounding wings wouldn't be a big deal.)

Not as many "at the end of the day"s as before.

After Ep. 2, I mentioned how it disturbed me that a guy who says "I'm authentic" as much as Sark said it in his day-after-the Championship Game was immediately accepted as being authentic by RGBIII...

...and then he tried to pull a fast one by squeezing Mike Stoops into the staff.  AUTHENTIC BULLSHITTER 

Nice podcast. It saved me some time vs 10 hours of "research" of finding out what I "needed to know" about coaching staff and recruits. Also, I realized that the 10+ minute wing tangent was a little on the "Guys Radio" side of "Sports Talk", but considering the basketball team was on hiatus this week, I accepted that filler might be needed.

Good job, keep it up.

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