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NCAA Basketball 2022-23


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After slow start, play picked up late in 1H and just now starting 2H in Indy for Cats/Sparty(36-34 MSU). 

1 minute ago, SL Xpress said:

Anyone watching the Kentucky-Michigan State game? 

One of my favorite college basketball coaches versus my least favorite of all time. Good guys up 36-34 at half. 

Why you hate Izzo?

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1 minute ago, KingBobo81 said:

Wow, I really wish we could have gotten Cason Wallace.

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Went all in. Kentucky and Duke are the toughest recruiting opponents in college basketball. Not to mention Kentucky had been on him longer. 

We'll get our share. It's not like I'm looking at our backcourt feeling like we've come up short. 

Kohler for Michigan State has no business being out there other than to soak up minutes. He is terrible. 

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2 minutes ago, MNLonghornFUKM said:

It’s a cheap early season money grab for rating$especially when the average Joe doesn’t know it’s going to be played in an nba arena 600 miles from each campus

What’s wrong with you man? Complaining about great programs playing early season non-conference basketball games?

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Those KU games look like potential wars on the hardcourt, to me. Both Harris and Wilson look waaaaaay better than last year. McCullar looks improved and he was pretty salty last year. He looks healthy again. Dick is a clear national freshman of the year candidate, although he may not even win freshman of the conference with George at Baylor. Don't know what they're going to do at the 5. I like shadow_operative's guy, KJ Adams, but he'll have to battle it out with Udeh, Ejiofor, and maaaaybe Clemence?

Their other superstar frosh, MJ Rice, is down with whatever flu bug has been going around. Didn't even make the trip. He'll be a factor for them. 

Harris not being able to shoot from outside is a problem. The team three point shooting looks like it's going to be just as bad as ours, outside of Dick. KU is athletic, but I don't believe they're as athletic as we are. Should be fun!

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1 minute ago, SL Xpress said:

McCullar looks improved and he was pretty salty last year. He looks healthy again.

He looks like pretty much the same player, which is nothing to sneeze at. Elite defender, can shoot if the opportunity arises. Average/below average ball handler.

He also hurt his back again early in the game. He shrugged it off, but something to watch. He missed about 1/3 of our season last year because of it and it's been a recurring issue for him his entire career.

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