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10,000 burpees in 2023

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Currently down 25.4 lbs for the year, as of this morning. 

Been harder to eat simply/healthy lately, and haven't been quite as disciplined, both in terms of my overall diet, snacking (a buddy sent me a big box of various oddball snacks and candy from Japan that I have been raiding late at night lately...), keeping track of what I eat in My Fitness Pal, and in getting my burpees done. But most of that is just due to summer schedule stuff, and I don't want to start climbing back up so soon - want to plateau in the 165 neighborhood for a while so that it'll take longer for me to eventually gain it back. 

MBU will probably be done by Halloween, but Celery Man and I are both hanging in there and staying a little ahead of the pace.

Keep up the good work, dudes! 



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I was wondering for a bit if you had dropped off but it looks like you just had some data entry to do. I guess @WithoutAClue is in it too, just not using the spreadsheet? It's you two, me, and @Message Board User still in the game?


Past couple of days I've upped it to two sets of twenty. I actually had a brief sickness a week or so ago that took me out of it for a day (although it was split across two calendar days, missed one evening and one morning). I definitely feel like I am getting stronger. I have not lost any weight at all - a bit more muscle around the shoulders but I absolutely fell off my cycling goal while succeeding wildly with my "learn how to make tortillas" goal.

I'm actually a little irritated - my dentist convinced me to do invisalign to help with some rubbing that she said was going to cause problems, it's been several months of having shit in my mouth that makes snacking between meals a complete pain in the ass. No associated weight loss. Although I guess there's a school of thought that eating throughout the day is better. Either way, weight loss wasn't a goal for me here really. I am a little excited about having some different stuff going on around my shoulders - I'm not going to continue this exact fucking burpee goal into 2024 but I'll keep up at least a bit and maybe commit to something different with a more intentional outcome.

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Unseen forces are conspiring against me and my efforts. 

Had COVID last week (still testing positive, but feel more or less okay), and doing a set of 20 for the first time felt like it did back in last January.

But I persevered until I stubbed the shit out of my big toe running into a concrete curb, which will sideline me for at least another few days, or maybe even a week or more. But it's a lot better than I thought (technically, it's less terrible than I feared) so it probably won't be a long-term issue. Hope not, at least... 

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Posted (edited)

I think that I might be able to do a burpee with my toe at this point, but I think there's a relatively significant non-zero chance that it could be a terrible mistake, so I'm going to continue sitting on the IR until after the holiday weekend, if for no other reason than I don't want to be reinjured for the weekend... 

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