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West Virginia @ Texas Series Thread

Horny Bull

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2 minutes ago, jimmyjazz said:

Because we're not talking about not starting Lucas.  We're talking about starting Tanner.  Your examples are not about swapping #1 for #3 (at best).

That's fair. I would agree LBJ has a better chance of starting the opener than Witt assuming the opponent sucks. 

But I would still be tempted to start Witt against an opponent of the caliber of Texas Southern. Much like the 2021 regional where Texas had two elite starters in game 2 and 3 (I.e. Madden and Hansen). 

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10 minutes ago, BillyGoatHill said:

All this discussion about which pitcher is starting game one in a regional (hopefully) at home is mute unless we win at least 2 or more in the B12 tourney. May need more wins to just host. I don't believe we need to win it , but we do need a good showing or we'll be a #2 and traveling. And that is a double edge sword as playing longer takes up some time that could be used for rest and healing before Regionals start. 

so who would you start if we are the #2 playing the #3?

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Yea the issue isn’t even necessarily needing to start your Friday guy. The issue to me is the guarantee that you are using your bullpen if Witt is the guy. 
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we saw LBJ in game one of a regional if we were to host. I don’t necessarily agree with that but it’s fine. If that guy was Witt though, I am way against it because of the early tax on your bullpen.

That’s wasting LBJ. It doesn’t have to be Witt either. Remember when we had a 15 game win streak and most of them weren’t close? That’s the competition at #4. And we had many pitchers do just fine in those games.

From the bullpen’s perspective, if Gordon and LBJ get 6 or 7 in the next two games, then you’ve got guys fresh again for a 4th game if necessary.

This week will be interesting to see how DP plays it with his starting selections. If he feels he needs to win it, then he needs 4 wins, right? Kansas is the most winnable game. It might be a slight indicator of how DP handles a regional as a #1.
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Lol the conference that they begged to join despite the geographical weirdness, not that long ago. 

they also, shockingly, seem to have no clue how tier 3 rights work or how the lhn contract works. We get paid by espn. If they are signing up for something with lhn carriage, they are helping espn defray that cost, not paying Texas. 

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