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  1. Would go a long, long, long way. I know I've related this before, but a couple of years ago, had a candid discussion with a federal judge, and he disclosed that around 80% of his docket was what he called "border related," and almost all of that was drug cases (some human trafficking, but mostly drugs). Later, I commented on how I thought it would be cool to try a case at the new Federal Courthouse in Alpine, it's really beautiful: He chuckled. "They don't try cases down there -- they built that just to arraign drug smuggling defendants." Before, they had to keep buses running in the parking lot, with the AC on, because there wasn't room inside the old small structure for all the defendants each day. Look at the resources spent in terms of time and money....and your ability to get a bump of coke at the club is the same that it was 50 years ago. We have broken ourselves, we did it on purpose, and we refuse to change.
  2. Yep. And I think that was bullshit. Want to fix that shit? The DA calls the chief into her office. She lays out in front of him not just that report, but a dozen others on which one of his cops told a brazen lie. She tells him "you've got a problem -- your cops think it's okay to lie. You need to fix this, and fast. Here's what's waiting for you if you don't: I'm going to spoon feed every one of these stories, and 50 others, to the press. It will include individual officer names. It will include a discussion of this meeting, and the fact that I gave you a chance to clean things up, and you didn't take it. And it will finish with my office prosecuting every one of those officers for perjury. Do your job. Do it honestly. I don't ever want to see any of your officers submit false statements to this office again. I presume you don't either, right? Good. Then you'll do what needs to be done, and we won't have to have the next conversation about this. Have a nice weekend." That requires some spine. Haven't seen a whole lot of that. Because, what do you think the cops' reaction to that will be? How much you want to bet that the reaction will include tailing the DA wherever she goes, looking for her to do anything that gives you cause to arrest or hassle her? Or maybe they'll do that to her kids, or her spouse, etc. When you understand that you're dealing with a criminal gang, the dynamic is really, really different.
  3. Right now, an anachronistic and broken Constitution and the institutions created pursuant to it are the only thing keeping us from the absolute horror movie that would ensue under an "honest representation of our political values." You might as well write "it's important that we get what we deserve." Fuck no, I don't want what we deserve. Because what we deserve is a fascist dictatorship, total economic collapse, and a century of suffering. I'd like something better than that, thank you. I want grace, not what we deserve.
  4. Between 1) many judges being lazy, cowards, or both (and thus they just accept what a cop says at face value), 2) having the time -- each warrant application contains a crapload of statements; if a court subjected the affirming officer to detailed examination on each statement in each warrant application, the court would gum up to the point of paralysis. Credibility in a courtroom matters -- as lawyers, it's one of our most valuable assets. I have had judges expressly tell me that - "counselor, I know you need me to act on this today, and I simply don't have the time to read your entire application here -- you haven't led me astray before, so I'm asking you -- are all of the statements here on the conclusion page accurate?" I answer yes. "Okay, I'm doing this based on the fact that I can trust you - I'm sure you don't want to lose that trust." And I don't. Because if I hoodwink a judge, every other judge in town will know about it within a week, and my name will be mud, and they won't trust anything I tell them. The point is, the workload of a court is almost always heavy enough that they have to simply trust people, particularly "repeat players" before them. And in the abstract, it's definitely not ideal. The court SHOULD read every word on every page. The court SHOULD subject a cop to examination on any statement that reads like it's canned, seems suspicious, etc. Whether because of practicality, cowardice, laziness, or corruption (and they all look the same, when you're looking up at the bench), it doesn't happen, and really can't happen the way things are structured. Personally, I would like to see some significant reforms to the way that warrants are issued, particularly any warrant that involves creating a dangerous situation (no-knocks aren't the only ones, but they're the glaring ones).
  5. We should also make a law/rule that telling a material lie on a police report is 1) a terminable offense that 2) disqualifies the person from every holding a licensed peace officer job. We disqualify pedophiles from working at a daycare. We should disqualify proven liars from a job where their lies can do things like put an innocent person in prison, or justify the assault or murder of a person. Being a cop is a job of public trust. Breach that trust, lose your job.
  6. Getting to the point of whether the law failed, or whether the real failure here is that the law worked as designed, an acquaintance of mine shared this thought that I think captures the really shitty place we've ended up: Through hero-worship, bigotry, neglect & antipathy we have created a super-class of citizen that can literally get away with murder. That seems like a really bad policy decision. We should change that.
  7. “Maybe.” Seems like the varying witness stories (again, ONE witness who said he heard police, and hasn’t been cross examined by ANYONE) should be tested at trial....not tossed out without them even getting to be vetted because the grand just no billed on the homicide charges.
  8. Msudipshit was on the ground in Saudi getting ready for Desert Storm, and heard about the cotton bowl v Miami. I was AT the fucking Cotton Bowl v Miami. I unquestionably suffered more.
  9. I’ll take a guess as to what it means. If you’re making a pot of chili, and realize the cat just walked by and took a big shit in it....do you fish it out and call it good? Do you add more chili powder to drown out the stench? Or do you actually accept that the batch is unfixable, it’s ruined, and you toss it out, and start over to make a new pot? While I get the sentiment, the challenge is that we can’t just toss current PDs out on their ass and install a new one. It’s not practicable, even though it might actually be the best move in numerous places. So, we’re stuck with broken systems, and we have to try to fix them. But we won’t, because BLM are communists or something. Which means we have to keep backing the same shitty and racist police.
  10. I truly don’t get it. I really don’t, except that it involves a failure/inability to step out of yourself and realize there are completely different experiences out there. Which is not an uncommon human path...but we can do better. Nearly 400 years of treating blacks people as less than fully human, fully American. And we don’t think there continues to be an enormous institutional hangover from that? Seriously? It’s preposterous NOT to think so. And then layer on one of our most broken systems, law enforcement...and again, come on. Why do we spend 1000x more energy denying the issue and doing all we can to distract and deflect....instead of just fucking working to fix it?
  11. I truly don’t get it. I really don’t, except that it involves a failure/inability to step out of yourself and realize there are completely different experiences out there. Which is not an uncommon human path...but we can do better. Nearly 400 years of treating blacks people as less than fully human, fully American. And we don’t think there continues to be an enormous institutional hangover from that? Seriously? It’s preposterous NOT to think so. And then layer on one of our most broken systems, law enforcement...and again, come on. Why do we spend 1000x more energy denying the issue and doing all we can to distract and deflect....instead of just fucking working to fix it?
  12. You’re overstating it. It’s not definitively proven - the very source you cited says that “it looks promising.” And it does. But we’re dealing with a novel situation with difficult to wrangle data. So, “looks promising” is where we are. And that’s good. It points toward us continuing to move towards in person schooling, and continue to monitor those results. The data looks good - promising - but don’t overstate it.
  13. It would have started with no stupid warrant in furtherance of the pointlessly destructive war on drugs....and about 50 different things going forward from there. Shitty systems and processes and shitty laws lead to shitty outcomes and deaths and destruction. From start to finish. Bad systems. Bad laws. Bad results. There’s only two options here: injustice because the law didn’t work, or injustice because it did. I’m still not sure which is worse.
  14. We can’t fix every man’s heart. But we can do a lot to fix the systems and institutions that work for us. If those systems don’t protect bad actors and racists, then their power to do harm is greatly diminished.
  15. Like any sickness, address the underlying condition, and you reduce/eliminate a shitload of the awful symptoms and outbreaks. Healthy, functioning, and just societies don’t collapse into massive civil unrest over and over. We should acknowledge the serious problems we have, and all work together to become one of those kind of societies. I mean, we’d end up with not just an absence of bad results, but we’d actually produce a good one - wouldn’t that be cool?
  16. Nothing good is going to come of this tonight. We keep doing awful things, and perpetuating awful systems...leading to the same outcome over and over and over. It’s a merry go round of shit, and it only spins faster.
  17. WTF? Again, your projection is strong, but who in the fuck around here is HAPPY that this shit is going to go down? I’ve spent post after post saying it fucking sucks, and we should do everything we can to address the catalysts. I don’t want to see another broken window, burned building, or shot cop. The surest way to assure that outcome is to have and apply just and fair rule of law. Why am I hung up on how a weapon is carried? Because I’ve been around firearms for nearly 50 years, and I’m not a fucking moron - I know the difference between carrying a weapon and brandishing one. And someone brandishing one is a fucking threat. That’s the whole goddamned point. And we have two shot cops. Shit just keeps getting fucking worse. This fucking merry go round of cruelty and idiocy just keeps spinning faster. I just want it to stop.
  18. Yeah. Because there's no better outcome to your day than shooting someone. That's a good day.
  19. Haven't read it. But I do recommend The New Jim Crow -- while about our more current systems and issues, it gives a good broad historical perspective. I truly don't know why it's so hard for us to acknowledge and accept that our greater social and governmental systems royally fucked over black people for literally hundreds of years, and only in the last few decades have we done anything to dismantle those systems and remedy a mountain of past injustices.....or why we can't acknowledge that some shitty systems that were constructed and entrenched for centuries might still exist and still require major work to fix.
  20. A white guy wouldn't have made an appreciable difference to me, at least -- it's all about the approach and engagement itself. With a punisher tattoo....yeah, that actually would have had my spidey-sense tingling. Because that tattoo means something, and it sure isn't "de-escalate, try to avoid hurting anyone, and feel incredible, human remorse when you do." So, you're right to observe that messaging matters. When cops wear visible messages that say "I'm here to fuck you up," that poisons the situation from the very beginning. It's kind of like responding to any question from your wife with "why are you interrogating me?" You may not have done a damned thing wrong, she may not have even been trying to bust you for something....but now, the entire dynamic has changed, and we all know that you aren't going to be happy with the outcome. So, yeah. Cops shouldn't show up with a punisher tat, or an AR that says "you're fucked" on it, shit like that. As for the race aspect, and why a white guy being involved here wouldn't matter, nobody is saying that all shitty cop interactions are because of race, or all good ones are in spite of race. We're observing what we all know to be true -- COLLECTIVELY, police and policing culture is harder on black people than it is on white people. Sure, there's the case where the cop was nice to the black kid, and the case where the cop was an utter dick to a well-dressed white boy. But across the board, we all know the black guy is going to be pulled over more, is going to be hassled more, is going to be subjected to lazy and broad "you meet the description" shit more, etc. Individual cases are individual cases, though. Look at each one through the lens of the circumstances, and if the culture of policing helped create those circumstances, look at that, too.
  21. The bolded is the problem. It's not about blame. It's about being responsible going forward. You and I are privileged -- and yeah, that's in part due to a system that's been fucked up since 1619. But that's not the point. The point is that with our privileged position comes outsized power, and that power gives us an outsized responsibility in making sure that today's systems, and tomorrow's systems, are better for everyone. So, it doesn't fucking MATTER whether you and I broke it. It's broken, and we're the people who can fix it. So we need to. But the pushback is so overwhelming, including denial that there's even systemic problems (seriously, read that damned letter from that Louisville cop and tell me it's not Exhibit A in "holy fucking shit, what a fucked up culture cops have"). Again, we can barely get out of the starting gate, because if you can't even agree on what the problems are, you sure as shit can't solve them.
  22. Glad you continue to ignore the fact that it's the ultimate outcome you want. It "being detrimental to the goal" is exactly the outcome you want. Because, of course, you COULD be a thinking man, and realize that there is a broadly supported cause of racial justice, with literally tens of millions (100 million? more?) supporters, and that the actions of bad actors using social anger and unrest as cover/an excuse doesn't negate the cause, or the beliefs of those tens of millions. So, bad actors discredit bad actors.....but their actions are only detrimental to the larger cause because you've decided that they are. Because it conveniently aligns with your desire: to not have to worry about any of this shit, because you have a nice and cushy existence where you don't have to worry about other human beings -- why would you start now?
  23. I'm not sure what your point is? No, I'm not? What a shitty thing -- a man got shot, and a woman has to live with the fact that she shot him. Her distress after the fact is painful, but refreshingly human. It's how a person SHOULD react after they shoot someone -- not like they're a goddamned superman among men, heroes who should be worshipped, warriors at the gate, and all of that shit. Shooting someone is the worst possible outcome. A person should do everything within their power to avoid it, from avoiding creating a situation where it is a high-risk outcome, to doing all they can to de-escalate a situation. She did well, she tried. And when it was over, instead of calling herself a hero, she wept. I'd love a PD made of only cops like her. The cops who killed Breonna Taylor should have wept after an innocent woman died. They should have been mortified at the horrific outcome. Instead, they write this: Yeah. We've got a problem. The contrast between these two cops makes that rather clear.
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