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  1. It's nobody's business but the Turks.
  2. Sure.....but what about the burger?
  3. Low-level tactical decisions....I mean, he really is going FULL "Hitler in the bunker," isn't he? One has to admire the commitment to a bit.
  4. Final-ish update: the boy has left Berlin, and Germany. Total score: wildly successful year. He had great experiences, learned a lot, grew up a lot, and is now pretty close to fluent in German. Comparing how it would have been for him to jump right into college vs. an experience where he could figure out things and grow up with a lot more "cushion" in terms of consequences was really good for him. He had to handle so much himself, and did so. BUT....exit score...... D-. First, he thought his visa was just for Germany, so he could leave by the end of his visa period and visit his buddy in Italy. WRONG. It is a Schengen visa, and he had to leave the whole Schengen area. So, threw a big kink in that plan. He thought he had his residence through the end of the month. WRONG. His lease ended on the 9th, and we had to pay for the extra days, which was extra $ we weren't counting on. He thought his visa expired today, the 16th. WRONG. It expired on the 15th. So, just a few hours ago, as he's finishing up going through security at Frankfurt to fly to the UK (he's visiting a university on the way home), he gets pulled aside and detained by the German border guards for an immigration violation. Yeah, after decades, a member of my mexican family finally gets popped for an immigration violation....in Germany. Odds are that nothing will come of it -- it IS a crime, so they had to refer it (Germany and all), but because it was just a day, he was leaving, and has had no other issues, most likely nothing will come of it. But, we'll find out in a week or two. So, his lack of planning and attention to detail bit him and us in the ass multiple times the past few weeks. But that, in and of itself, should help him learn. He was sweating like a whore in church in the detention office of the German BP. And he had to talk his own way out of it, nobody there to help him. Think that next time, he'll pay a BIT closer attention to paperwork? We're sure as shit hoping so, but we won't be subtle about it when he gets home in another week or so. TLDR; the gap year was a great experience, more than we could have hoped for. He learned a great deal and grew up a lot. BUT, don't expect your 19 yr old dumbass son not to still find ways to be a 19 yr old dumbass male.
  5. It is 100% the functional equivalent of the mass of rubes (e.g., folks who do all their shopping at Dollar General and the like) telling us all to invest in Beanie Babies, it's a can't-lose investment, and the only reason you don't support it is because you're in league with Big Finance and don't like seeing the little guy get rich! I have nothing against the little guy, or historically underfunded and governmentally challenged nations. I wish them ALL success, and I think we'd all be better off if they found success. But I've seen this show before. Many times. I know how it ends.
  6. He accepted a pardon. Which includes an admission of guilt. Rule 11 exists for this reason.
  7. My dad - in his 80s, and functionally a life-long Republican voter (until the past 4-8 years or so) visited with my daughter on the phone yesterday, just their weekly chat. We went out to dinner, and when we went to pick him up he was talking about both kids studying overseas next year. He says "and I don't know if either of them is coming back [looks in the direction of the news on TV]....and I can't say I blame them." The right has their vision of this country. They are executing it, with extreme prejudice. We will be another oligarchy fascist state to match their vision sooner than you think, capped off with an authoritarian dynasty as decreed by The Party, which will control all elections going forward, and thus declare their chosen candidates the winners, regardless of actual "votes" (which are all fraudulent anyway -- the way you can tell it's a fraudulent vote is that it's not for the candidate of The Party). This is their dream. They have openly told us that. Believe them.
  8. Except......it will be "their side" that's most likely to take on that task. Multiple Jan 6 attackers openly declared that they were there to kill Pelosi and hang Pence. They will try again. They will succeed. And the right will be okay with it. See below: ....yep.
  9. Well then, at least we know what will prevent the new NATO developments from becoming another "Cuban Missile Crisis"....... .......that's right, you know it, say it along with me..... CRYPTO!
  10. Well, that's a significant overstatement. Both Finland and Sweden have expressly stated that their NATO membership will NOT allow either 1) nuclear weapons to be stored on their soil, or 2) permanent foreign military bases on their soil. So, like the two things that made the Cuban Missile Crisis what it was, will not be happening. Russia fucked up. It presented a clear and convincing case to every country near it that they best get some powerful friends and right quick. If Russia didn't want that outcome, then it should have behaved differently -- a reading from the Fuck Around and Find Out Chronicles 2:24.
  11. Same old same old, day after day. But we don't need to talk about racism, or guns, or any of that shit that would make anyone uncomfortable. Meaning we want this, we want more of it, we actively CHOOSE it (because if you choose not to do anything about it, then you choose to let it keep growing). On the bright side, the white homeowner will probably become a local celebrity, run for political office, and win.
  12. Not the leaders. Actual treasonous elected officials who helped organize and lead a violent attack aimed at decapitating our government. We should have shot more of them -- MANY more of them -- on the day of the attack. That's what you do with violent traitors -- you shoot them AS THEY ARE ATTACKING YOU. It removes all ambiguity and doubt. "I wasn't there! I wasn't doing anything!" Your bleeding corpse in the rotunda, hand wrapped around a club, says otherwise. Half measures will be the death of us. I promise you that. Because the traitors aren't engaging in half measures. They actually ARE violently attacking our republic.
  13. Arrest them all. The FBI isn't as weak as shit on warrants and subpoenas as Congress is. Arrest them. Try them. Convict them. Toss them in a hole where they belong. Failure to punish a violent insurrection guarantees a second, successful insurrection. Anything less is wasted time and effort. The enemy speaks only terms of pain and suffering. So, start speaking their language.
  14. I suspect so. I expect we'll lose a fair amount to that. BUT, it's not the time of year for them to be looking for that seed, so hoping they won't find all of it. And, there was decent grass etc. growing, so in most places, it will stay a bit hidden. But if we don't get some rain to make it sprout, yeah, a shitload of it will get eaten before it sprouts. Like I said, a $120 experiment. Will let y'all know what it looks like in three months.
  15. I disagree. I think it's a complete waste of fucking time. In response to a violent insurrection, which was the culmination of an open and proudly claimed conspiracy to overturn the results of a legal election, the only "legitimate" move would have been to arrest all the conspirators and hang them. That's what literally every other country in the history of the world would have done. We, on the other hand, think that "if we simply get the true facts in front of a bunch of people who have demonstrated that they actively reject all facts, they'll change their mind and get back on board the rule of law train." We are going to stupid ourselves to extinction.
  16. Well......we'll find out. I wasn't about to go buy a disc plow attachment for a Toyota truck, so we went with the old school way -- and our investment was just $120 in seed, so if it doesn't take, not a huge loss. Sitting on the bed of a truck in the heat, hand-sowing seed....I hadn't felt that mexican in quite a while.
  17. Does it now? They’ve so normalized being a death/jihad cult, does this even Move the needle? The Overton window in “calling for violence/murder of those who disagree with you” has lurched so far right that anything less than the final act of pulling a gun and shooting someone doesn’t even register. We are not far at all from a case of someone taking Ted’s words to heart, and then asserting a bona fide defense of “self defense,” because killing all Dems is necessary to protect us all. That is going to happen, and sooner than you think.
  18. There will be plenty more. Gonna end up with a library full of videos we shouldn’t watch. This is how we want to to be, and we should stop lying to ourselves by saying anything different.
  19. If you told me I won second place and lost out on Sofia, but my silver medal was Julie Bowen, I’d be just fine.
  20. There was jerky and Fritos in the truck cab. We don’t do this shit without snacks, we ain’t amateurs. Man….I like those dill pickle flavored seeds, though.
  21. Well, SOMEONE has gotten all fancy, what with subscribing to Time magazine and all. Macanudo is now a well-read man, gents.
  22. Fantastic piece. And if you want to diner stand how dead-wrong Alito is from a constitutional interpretation perspective, this does it.
  23. Pescado Rojo and I spent yesterday afternoon planting portions of our bird lease with sunflowers for dove season. And by “planting,” I mean “Pescado drove his truck slowly in rows while Brisket sat on the tailgate and hand-tossed/scattered 120 lbs of black oil sunflowers seeds, hoping like hell it rains sometime soon and they take.” It was f’n hot by the way.
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