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  1. Gotta have some sorta salty pork -- some bacon, some ham hocks, what have you. Without it, even if you use some bacon grease, it just ain't the same.
  2. Why not? Slow-roasted/braised brisket makes fantastic carne deshebrada, one of my favorite tacos. And a good jewish-style roasted brisket can be plenty tasty. Smoked ain't the only way to cook a brisket.
  3. To be fair, this is a LOT less awkward than the time one of the tigers came down with the clap.
  4. Yep....yet I have also read people postulating that this is all part of some scheme for hospitals to make bank. Dude...hospitals are losing their ASSES on this.
  5. That's true everywhere. Poor populations can't do what most denizens of this board (college-educated people) can do -- shelter in place in our nice houses with a good supply of food etc. Different demographics are experiencing this pandemic wildly differently. The spread between socioeconomic groups is going to make itself even more apparent as this moves along.
  6. FIFaccuracy. This is what the party is. They would rather cause people to fucking DIE than play by the rules of honesty and decency. Calling the GOP a "death cult" is not hyperbole. It's literally what they are. They want YOU to die so THEY can remain in power. They are in league with the murderous regime, and they must be removed from all power, ever office, down to dog catcher.
  7. Fuck that fucking fuck. Shitty-ass Mussolini wannabe.
  8. Missed it this week, but it's because we were doing other things, which is good. Keep us updated. Would still like to do this.
  9. Yeah, read the thread - the guy goes right into stating that viruses aren't technically alive, aren't making "decisions," etc. He's using that language to describe how they actually function -- and how some versions/mutations are more efficient than others. It's a really great thread, actually. Worth a read.
  10. Well, and the City of Austin has formally adopted the CDC guidelines and recommended that everyone wear a mask when out among other people. So, it's not just Facebook Karen.
  11. Sometimes, but didn't with this batch. And when I do, it's just a tablespoon or so, to cut the bitterness.
  12. We've been tossing ours in a 180-200 degree oven for 30 mins or so. You can also steam them (be careful about doing it in the microwave if they have a metal noseband or staples).
  13. We'd already eaten all the rice. Didn't feel like making any more. And the greens were an excellent combo.
  14. Wear something -- mask, bandana, etc. It's actually not so much about you as it is building the social consensus to wear face covers that keep YOU from spreading droplets to others. If they also wear masks, then that protects you. We've got some dust masks, and a couple of old N95s (they'd been used on home projects, but are still usable). We wear them if we're going to be somewhere there will be other people -- so pretty much the store. Bring a small hand sanitizer, wipe down our hands regularly, clean the cart handles, etc. Get in, keep your distance, get your stuff, and get out. And yes, wear a mask. That's how we're going to ease out of quarantine, by the way -- we'll allow folks to go out for more things, work, etc., but we're going to look like Asia, with everyone wearing a mask. We need to start building that habit.
  15. Yep. Made em a coupla days ago. Red beans were from last night.
  16. Leftover red beans, topped with leftover collard greens, splashed with Crystal.
  17. Yes. I’m sure that will be coming along right after they wrap up the plan for the Brisket-Sela Ward-Hayley Atwell threesome. Any day now....
  18. I live in a world where Peter Navarro has actual power. This is a fucking psychopathic cartoon.
  19. And we’ll deserve it. We’re getting what’s coming to us. The wages of sin is death. We’ve chosen to worship at the altar of individualism at the expense of everything else, and on that altar we placed a golden (Orange) idol. This is EXACTLY how that approach to life ends.
  20. Cool. So, how are the health care workers there supposed to get to work?
  21. My BIL went to Ole Miss. One of his roommates kept milk cartons in the freezer...he’d fill em with water and two squirrels each (water prevented freezer burn). That way, he could thaw a batch for stew whenever he wanted. Just a helpful hint for ya.
  22. But they won’t. We’ve already seen numerous cases of 1) a large religious gathering creating numerous carriers 2) who then go and spread the disease into the rest of the population. The answer is simple. Anyone who is sickened by someone who got the disease at these criminally stupid gatherings needs to sue the church, the pastor, and all people who were in attendance for negligence, battery, and civil conspiracy. You get to hurt yourself. You hurt others, you pay for it. That’s how “personal responsibility” works.
  23. But you been eatin’ them squirrels you shot, right?
  24. You and all the women. If the election is stolen, and people DON’T burn DC to the ground, we deserve what we get. Oh, like the Robertsons haven’t had a series of pool boys over the years? I’m sure she’s gotten her itch scratched plenty. Hell, Pat probably has too, by those same pool boys.
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