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  1. Please cite the legal authority granting police officers the power to adjudicate the accused as guilty of a crime and to immediately administer appropriate punishment. Not your rationalization, but actual authority by which we the people have vested such power in the police by constitution, statute, or common law. I’ll wait. Looking forward to some entertaining reading.
  2. Sorry, can’t. I mean, that’s literally prohibited on their student visa - they can work up to 20 hrs per week, but work as a prostitute or several other categories of sex worker is prohibited. The Québécois are quite particular about such things - don’t want students stealing local jobs.
  3. Yep. With cheese curds and gravy as well.
  4. Got a few more pics later. As long as you have the gear (good heavy coat, waterproof warm boots, a base layer for your bottom half, a good hat, and something to keep your lower face warm (I wore a Buff)). Montreal is a great winter trip. And, got to spend some quality time with the girl, take her to her first NHL game (she’s now a Habs fan), and enjoy the winter outdoors, in a really cool city.
  5. Daughter and I spent Friday walking the city (yep, temp ranged from -4 to 3) before GOLL arrived. Then, I took her and 15 of her friends out for a dinner of cheap Chinese dumplings. Made a bunch of poor college students very grateful for a dinner someone else paid for (dude, it was seriously cheap).
  6. It was pretty, pretty cold Friday, though...
  7. View of the hockey game last night:
  8. All that food was good, because we’d worked up a pretty good appetite - spent the afternoon hiking up the hill at Mont Royal Park repeatedly to snow tube. How did Brisket do? Glad you asked. Brisket figured out pretty quickly how to temper the spin the tubes tend to take, so got good clean rides down. Briskette and GOLL, on the other hand, each took a ride down the erratic far left hand chute...and each took a nasty spill. GOLL administered a strong regimen of beer and ibuprofen to treat his injuries.
  9. And yesterday, before the game, had a late lunch - smoked meat sammiches, and two kinds of poutine (add smoked meat to poutine? Well, yeah).
  10. So, since the daughter is in school here, @GOLL and I hatched a scheme to make a visit...that just so happened to coincide with last night’s Habs-Stars game. I’ll start at the end, as we’re sitting at the YUL airport bar waiting for our very delayed flight. Quebec is having a hard time with Alberta, and the 6th end did them no favors.
  11. We ate a late lunch before (smoked meat and poutine), so just had beer at the game. But saw this concession....
  12. We’ll be enjoying such entertainment out on the ledge. We gotta big screen and everything.
  13. Walked to dinner, then walked around and had some drinks. 9 degrees is ok, if you’re moving.
  14. Pssst....dirty little secret for you....that’s absolutely who the pubs wanted. Took them a few minutes to realize he was their id, but they quickly went all-in.
  15. We could really use....a disaster scientist.
  16. Sometimes, you see a performance that is so clearly at the top of the class. This is one of those. Bra. Fucking. Vo.
  17. Oh, there was plenty of “sohrry” in English and French - long-ass message...but it still didn’t give you any path to solve your current issues.
  18. Flying Air Canada today - slight delay, puts my connecting flight at risk. Tried to call customer service number - due to the cascade of issues relating to all the cancellations to and from China, the message when you call is “yeah...we’re not taking calls right now. At all.”
  19. It still amazes me (I know, it shouldn’t) that the EXACT same people who thought a single conversation with Loretta Lynch I’m on the tarmac was scandalously improper and dangerously undermined the rule of law...but the POTUS treating the entire DOJ like his personal law firm, directing them who to take it easy on and such...is awesome and MAGA. I mean, the exact thing they told us was awful....they cheer a much worse version of. There are no rules anymore. Do whatever you want - that’s it, that’s the only rule that’s left.
  20. That’s gotta thrill every AUSA in the country. I mean, I presume that the distinction is hey, this is a politically connected white guy, so it clearly doesn’t apply to YOUR client.
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