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  1. Ummmm.....yes? Because the IFR is, literally, the IFR for.....every infected person. The IFR for those over 65 is surely much higher. The IFR of those under 10 is surely way lower. The .65% IFR is LITERALLY the IFR for the population as a whole. So, yes, I'm going to apply it to the population as a whole.
  2. So, at that IFR, if the entire US catches it, that's 2,145,000 deaths. Of course, even if it is just allowed to run wild forever, we won't get 100% infected. We'll have some sort of herd immunity by 70% infected or so. So, that would yield around 1,500,000 deaths. And again, we're not even talking about the lifetime debilitating condition of millions of COVID survivors....we're just talking deaths. Over the 5 months that it has been in real circulation here, we're averaging about 25,000 dead per month. We can keep doing this for a couple of years to hit that number. Even at our current pace of around 20,000 a month, we'll rack up some solid numbers. Add another 120,000 dead by year end. We can hit a cool quarter million by then. I was thinking a couple of months ago that we'd be able to hold it under 240,000, but that's gonna be tough now. Nevermind that the people who didn't end up with it during the main burn through the population will always be susceptible. And new generations will as well. Bottom line, without a vaccine, were fucked. We'll manage to kill well over a million of us here in the US, and then have a solid burn of it every year that rivals the flu. And AGAIN, this isn't even counting the massive damage to lungs and internal organs of survivors. We'll get a shitload of "early" deaths from those folks over the next 20 years as well. Winning, winning, winning!
  3. Correct. God I hate this fucking state sometimes.
  4. I confess that when I ponder the fact that I have to share a planet with millions of people as stupid as you, I do tend to become discouraged. Then, when I realize that most of you actually think you're smart and clever, I become downright despondent. I cited you to polls. With actual percentages of people (both Americans overall and Republicans, who made up around 50% of the voting electorate last election -- well, 48%, but who's counting that precisely?) who support a Muslim ban (as just one example). If you can't back into math, and you want to demand that I perform some exact census of such people ("It's 43,857,343....exactly!")....fuck off. It's tens of fucking millions. And they are loud and proud. You fucking know it. I fucking know it. We're goddamned moronistan, and you're clearly prepping for your run for grand poobah. I gotta tell you, you're burnishing the shit out of your credentials.
  5. When did you unlearn how to read? And....why would I waste time citing poll numbers to you (they are right there in those articles, by the way -- and seriously, there's literally HUNDREDS more such pieces -- those were literally the first couple when I googled the issue)....when you already said that polls are all dumb, leading and biased. Why would I waste my time pointing to sources that you've already dismissed? How about we start this way: to meaningfully discuss the proposition that Americans fear certain things, what sort of data would YOU find to be generally instructional and informational? Tell me what that data is (whether it's polls, or some magical "here's how many people think X-ometer," or something else), and I'll tell you the exact Google search to run to find it, and even quote a few for you? Or, you could just quit being a pathetic chickenshit, admit that you have pantsed yourself numerous times just today, the data shows that a large percentage of people, particularly among Republican voters, are so afraid of Muslims that they think they should be banned from entering the country, and a similarly large percentage is so afraid of Mexicans that they think we should build a militarized wall to keep them out. I mean, these aren't difficult conclusions to reach -- they are LITERALLY THE FUCKING POLICY OF AN ADMINISTRATION THAT RAN ON THAT FUCKING PLATFORM AND GOT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR IT. How about that "poll?" Does that one fucking count? Jesus, it's not just that you're fucking stupid, it's that you're a fucking bore.
  6. Step 1: demand data showing how people think about certain issues. Step 2: when provided said data, say that ALL such sources of data (you know....polls) should be dismissed as "dumb, leading, and biased." Yeah, I'll just leave that there. It's kinda perfect. When I say that as a species we're too stupid to continue, the evidence in favor of that position damn near collects itself. The virus is not even a sentient being -- shit, it's not even a LIVING being....and it's outsmarting us. And it ain't even close. It's a fucking 77 point blowout, and half of America is doing a Jonathan Jolly celebration dance:
  7. Really? Please cite the portion of those articles indicating that they are "guardian" and "vox" polls. As for me....I see citations to several polling sources, including Reuters, Ipsos, the Texas Politics Project, the Pew Research Center, and of course, those known leftist pussies over at [confirms leftist pussydom of source]....Fox News. Would you like to pants yourself even further? Because those same sources don't just speak to how a huge chunk of our population is scared shitless of muslims, but of mexicans as well: I ain't talking about what Trump thinks -- that's for the CR. I'm talking about what a huge slice of Americans think. A slice of Americans that is orders of magnitude more frightened of mooslem terrorists and mexican rapists than they are of a deadly/debilitating virus, even though they are many, many times more likely to be a victim of the virus than the other things....sharpening my point even more. Americans are some pants-pissing scaredy-cats.....but mostly about things that AREN'T a material threat. When it comes to things that ARE a material threat, we're stupid and bad at math. We are terrified of Muslims, a majority of Republicans support a "MUSLIM BAN!"....and since the beginning of 2016, by my count.....muslim terrorist acts have killed 57 Americans. We're also terrified of Mexican murderers and rapists....even though illegal immigrants are 25% LESS likely to commit homicide than native-born Americans (and legal immigrants do even better -- they are 87% less likely to commit homicide than native-born Americans) -- Cato Institute study. Per the GAO, around 450 undocumented immigrants are arrested for homicide each year. Let's go nuts, and presume that more than half of them get away with it, and 1,000 undocumented immigrants commit murder each year. Whereas, in contrast...in just a few months, a pandemic has killed 140,000 Americans. While significant chunks of the population (with a lot of overlap to the fear groups above) believe that it's a hoax, masks are an evil government plot to steal our precious bodily fluids, etc. 140,000 in a few months. 57 in four years. At most 1,000 a year. We are pants-wetting stupid pussies who are bad at math. And it shows. Anyone praising our culture as not being one of fear is saying the opposite of the truth.
  8. I’ll take that the the CR. Seriously, the data source involves listening to the chants at certain political rallies. But if you’d like to start...look at polling data on how members of certain political parties view Muslims etc. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/01/new-america-study-report-republicans-muslims-trump-midterms https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/2016/9/12/12882796/trump-supporters-racist-deplorables We can go down that rabbit hole for hours, but come the fuck on - fear-based politics isn’t exactly a secret. It’s a time-honored recipe. It also yields absurdity, because it’s almost always off-target by a mile, causing people to amp up their fear of relative non-threats, while they simultaneously dismiss actual threats (see also, anti-vaxxers).
  9. Americans I’m talking about: pissing their pants in fear of things like Muslims and Mexicans etc that kill a handful of people a year. Your comparison group: those of us waving our hands about something that has killed 140,000 Americans and counting...in just a few months Americans are really good at fear. We’re really shitty about being afraid of the things that actually represent a threat. Thanks for making my point even sharper.
  10. Culture that has been ingrained NOT to live in fear? What fucking culture are you talking about? I presume it’s not the culture that is terrified of Mexican murderers and rapists, and MS-13, and pedophile pizza joints, and masks being an evil plot by the deep state to enslave us, and black “thugs” running rampant through our streets, and Muslims taking over and forcing us to live under sharia law, and believing that we all need an AR and a store of 10,000 rounds to protect us from, well, everything....are you kidding me? We’re the most fearful culture on the planet. Seriously. The volume of pants-pissing reactionary fear in this country could fill the fucking Great Lakes daily. No, we’re just stupid and selfish. That’s as deep as it goes.
  11. That’s because they see the virus primarily as a political issue. It was “invented/spread” for political reasons (to hurt a particular politician), all discussion of it is political (masks are a political argument, not a scientific one, Dan Patrick says we should listen to politicians, not health officials, etc), it only matters to the extent that it hurts or helps political fortunes. To the rest of us, it’s a human issue. It kills a shitload of people, it permanently injures/debilitates many times that number. We never wanted this virus, we want this pandemic to end as quickly as possible. Regardless of politics, or how it affects any particular politician. That there is such a divide in this country is fucking sick and perverse.
  12. The scale of Cornyn’s ignorance can not be adequately rendered in a mere three dimensional universe. He has mastered quantum ignorance and stupidity on an extra-dimensional level.
  13. Gosh...where are those again? Maybe he got winded from running all those premature victory laps.
  14. Bluefish. On the East coast, they use them about that size as bait for ling.
  15. Here’s the simple story on why every “what about Chicago! What about this black on black murder” whataboutism isn’t just a logical fallacy, it’s a stupid one. It compares apples and oranges. The crucial distinction: ordinary criminal is an ordinary criminal. And, society is pretty decent at going after and prosecuting those guys even caught. A cop committing violence, however, is not an ordinary criminal - he is an agent of the State, which means that he is my employee. I have a right and obligation to hold my employees accountable. If I own a McDonalds and one of my employees is shitting in the shake machine, my failure to fire him is not excused with a “but there’s a guy at the Wendy’s across the street who shits in the shake machine AND the chili! Why don’t you go after him!” He’s not my employee. And, there’s already a mechanism to deal with him: Wendy’s management When we criticize the police for their misconduct, we are acting as stakeholders in society by holding our own agents and employees accountable. Which is why all of us, regardless of race, need to be part of that effort - they work for all of us.
  16. A pasture full of steers has more balls than all Texas Republicans combined. And produced far much less bullshit. What a worthless bunch of fucking pathetic fuckholes
  17. American “Christianity” is such hot fucking garbage.
  18. Counterpoint: we have “talked to” and “treated fairly as members of society” people who are happy to tell you that minorities are inferior, black people are worthless n words, etc, for far too long. Tolerating evil allows it to fester and even flourish. Some shitheels need to be crushed. There will be collateral damage. Such is the ugly nature of humanity.
  19. There is a Qanon caucus: the GOP. They’ve crossed the Rubicon. There’s no going back.
  20. One of the upsides of the GOP’s complete destruction of the rule of law will be the eventual treatment of these folks. We’re gonna need a lot of Esso stations.
  21. Well, I’m not the one who characterized an entire movement with a dismissive hand wave....so...
  22. It’s what he does. I marched with literally thousands of people two weeks ago. Didn’t see or hear a single person among them acting untoward, unhinged, etc. Not one. My real-world anecdotal evidence says he’s full of shit. So, there we have it.
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