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Game of Thrones Season 8 (Bookfags unite)

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14 hours ago, Burt Macklin said:

SIAP but no need to worry about the shitty ending of the TV show, because GRRM has promised he’ll finish book 6 by July 2020. I’m no betting man, but if I were, i’d put my life savings down that GRRM will not miss this arbitrary and meaningless self-imposed deadline. 



That wasn't a promise or a self-imposed deadline; it was a throwaway joke in a blog post.

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19 hours ago, PilotsError said:

I think the "snow" was ash.


16 hours ago, elfenix said:

that was my take as well

it was snow.  on the behind the scenes special that aired sunday they spent like 5 minutes detailing how the "director of snow" (yes that was a real job and title) had to go to spain and set up the dragon pits so that it looked like there was snow.  

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20 minutes ago, Murfdogg21 said:

GRRM won the long game because now non-book fags will also buy books 6-8 to see a better ending than tv. 

“You will never wed the prince, you will wed the king.… You will be queen, for a time. Then comes another — younger, more beautiful — to cast you down and take all you hold dear.… The king will have 20 children, and you will have three. Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds.

And the Illiterati... shall read!

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I finally finished, had work and stuff that kept me from getting caught up.

It certainly fits with GRRMs original title of "A time for wolves", and his assertion that there wouldn't be a happy ending.  But jesusshitdicks, the writing fucking sucked.  I even thought the acting performances from some of the weaker actors were better than previous seasons, but that wasn't enough.

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