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The Guitar Pron Thread

Celery Man

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20 minutes ago, AnotherUTFan said:

2014 Gibson Les Paull 1959 Reissue


Correction, this is a 1958 Reissue, not 1959.

I recently learned it sounds like thunder through a Mesa Dual Rectifier with 4x cab. Who am I kididng, it sounds like the right hand of Thor reqardless of what it is plugged into.

Its the one to rule them all.

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6 minutes ago, jimmyjazz said:

Damn you fuckers who changed your names.  Now I have to figure out who to mock all over again.

First guy to post "neck dive" is Brickhorn, though, even if his new name is Trump2020.

Brick made it over, with the same name as before.  Hasn't made an appearance here yet. 

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14 minutes ago, the idoit said:

Caps. If we’re still doing that...

We are.

WHO'S MOJO HAND?  (Other than the maker of some wicked fuzz pedals.)  DougO?  But Mojo Hand doesn't hate everything.  It's not tbone because Mojo Hand found the shift key.  This is stressing...

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Just now, Mojo Hand said:

I wonder what it is like for people who took the weekend off from posting and just rolled into the Shag wondering where everyone went. 

I didn't receive the validation email on Sunday. When I got home today I thought maybe there was some hangup with gmail, so I requested the validation with my yahoo account, it instantly arrived, and now I'm here.

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I was on tapatalk and it wasn't loading properly.  I figured the servers had been yanked and that was that.  

I was depressed and went to drop a huge deuce in honor of the Eskimo Hut.  By the time I was finished, I checked back in, saw the magical dickbutt, and five minutes later I was IN ON DAY ONE!!!!11!!!11

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1 minute ago, Bogeywon said:

Out of reactions... or whatever the fuck. If you don’t mind me asking did you buy new or are you leasing with option to buy? How much 

I bought it outright with a trade in. 1st tinenibsaw b it the guy at the counter offered me 15% off MAP. Come back a day or 2 later and the owner offers me 10% off MAP. I looked at him with the other guy standing right next to him and said, "that's funny, your guy right there told me 15% off just 2 days ago."

Negotiated the value of my trade in 69 J45 to $750 (what I paid for it) plus $2,050 cash to walk out the door with it, a strap, and a Martin tshit (I already had a Gibson Acoustic one). I'm bummed since I tore a hole the shirt the other day. 

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