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2022 Seattle Mariners Thread

Biff Tannen

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Tough loss Mariners fans. Good season y'all had and Dipoto has put together a talented young team with a bright future. Now you just gotta find a way to get past my Astros.  We know your frustration and pain over a series sweep with all losses decided by so few run differential (see: 2005 World Series sweep vs CHISOX).

Tip of the cap indeed. 

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Congrats on a great season and a metric shit-ton of optimism going forward for the M's.  When the experts picked Seattle to be contenders going into this year, i honestly laughed and shrugged.  Shows what I know...

Unlike a lot of divisional rivalries in other sports, I find the Mariners to be likable. They are gritty and fun to compete against.  Maybe hatable douchebag players will emerge over time.  Regardless, Seattle's not going anywhere soon.  It should be fun!

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I don't want to give out any personal info about him, but he was very friendly and open with my wife, and with me later. 


My wife grew up in Seattle (Kent actually) and went to many games in the Kingdome.  She still has lots of the freebies they would give out to kids at the games.  Her passion for baseball developed when Jay was on the team.  So when we saw him at one of our regular dinner spots it was kind of surreal.  Him?  Here?

Funny enough, my wife was wearing a Seattle shirt.  Not Mariners, just Seattle. 


My wife was nervous, and she waited till they were done eating, but then she had to go say hi, and to thank him for making baseball awesome for her.  I stayed at our table, and watched them talk for a few minutes, and then take a picture together.  She said that HE asked if she had a camera and wanted a picture.  She said yes, but that she didn't want to impose.  But he was sincere, and happy to do it. 


Later he walked by our table and waved to her again, and came over to meet me.  He shook my hand twice, and we talked baseball, and he said "Go Horns" since I was wearing a UT shirt. 


Hell of a nice guy. 

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I guess to replace Haniger?


We've acquired All-Star outfielder Teoscar Hernández from the Blue Jays in exchange for RHP Erik Swanson and minor league LHP Adam Macko. Hernández has been a standout for the Blue Jays since 2017, winning two Silver Sluggers and earning an All-Star nod in 2021. Over his career, he’s batted .262 with 133 home runs and a .819 OPS.

"We began our offseason with the intent to add impact and length to our lineup," said President of Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto. "In adding Teoscar to an already solid foundation, we feel we've become a far more dangerous offensive club."

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In the 90's, I went to a concert/festival with a group of people that included Buhner.  IIRC his wife/GF was a friend of a friend. Most of us were in grad school and poor, so we all stuffed beers/booze in our pants to sneak in, including him, which I thought was odd because he was making $4-5M/yr at the time.   He actually got busted at the gate and security made him toss his beers, which really bummed him out.  

He was just a 100% completely ordinary guy who happened to play major league baseball.

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